​IP Telecom invests €500,000 in ‘Point of Presence’

voip news | irish business | bt ireland | VoIP Providers Dublin | business telecom providers
24/05/2017 By Gary

IP Telecom invests €500,000 in ‘Point of Presence’ architecture in BT Ireland data centre in major expansion of VOIP network

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VoIP Service Provider

VoIP Service Providers | Telephony for business | VoIP hosted PBX
23/05/2017 By Gary

The Best Irish VoIP Service Provider – How to Choose the right provider for your business?

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Telephony Services for Business

VoIP for Business Ireland | hosted PBX | voip ireland | Telephony for business
23/05/2017 By Gary

IP Telecom: offering first-class telephony services for business

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Going Mobile for Business Without the Risks

irish mobile voip | business mobile voip | softphone | VoIP hosted PBX
16/05/2017 By Gary

Mobilising the workforce is becoming a lot easier because of new technologies, but challenges remain. Ian Campbell and Quinton O’Reilly report.

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The Benefits of using VoIP for Business

VoIP for Busines | Irish VoIP Providers | hosted PBX | voip providers | business voip providers
12/05/2017 By Gary

As a VoIP for Business Provider, IP Telecom are fully committed to providing our customers with first class call quality to all destinations, competitive pricing, excellence in technical consultancy and project management throughout the configuration and implementation phases and most importantly to provide the best levels of customer support.

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Understanding Business VoIP

business voip | business voip ireland | hosted PBX | irish telecoms
10/05/2017 By Gary

In a recent blog post, the IP Telecom team helped you understand What is VoIP?  And thought now might be a good time to find out everything you need to know in understanding Business VoIP and what it can do for your business and communicating with customers...

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Radius Technologies move to IP Telecom in a three year wholesale deal worth €1.5 million

Business Telecoms | business telecom providers | voip providers ireland | hosted pbx ireland | radius technologies | irish business news
24/03/2017 By Gary

"Partnership between IP Telecom and Radius Technologies is a reflection of where both companies believe the Voice over Internet Protocol industry is going in this country".

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New Chief Executive Officer at IP Telecom

irish business news | hosted PBX | hosted pbx providers | Business Telecoms
07/12/2016 By Gary

It was recently announced that IP Telecom, an Irish owned company which offers first class telephony solutions to companies in Ireland and across the world via its own VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) network, has appointed Shena Brien as their Chief Executive Officer

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What is VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol

voip | hosted voip phone systems | voip providers ireland | hosted PBX
01/12/2016 By Gary

There is a good chance if you are reading this post you will have heard of the term for the most popular choice of telecom solutions for business today but are still wondering What is VoIP , so below we have outlined what exactly VoIP is and how it works from IP Telecom to help you better understand the technology before making the right decision for your business phone solution. 

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VoIP Call Recording Services

call recording | Business Telecoms | voip call recording | hosted pbx ireland | Irish VoIP Providers | call recording for business
08/11/2016 By Brian

IP Telecom Call Recording gives our Hosted PBX customers the option to record some or all of their inbound and outbound calls. IP Telecom Hosted PBX Call Recording is a business based service that can be added to any user’s profile without any additional hardware required.

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How to Convince Your Boss to Move to Hosted VoIP

hosted voip phone systems | hosted PBX | Irish VoIP Providers | Business Telecoms
07/09/2016 By Brian

4 great tips from Kevin Bartley at OnSIP Hosted VoIP - when your boss needs a little convincing on VoIP

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VoIP Hosted PBX

hosted PBX | irish business voip | VoIP for Business Ireland | hosted pbx provider | hosted pbx packages | business telephony
07/09/2016 By Brian

For most businesses at SME, Enterprise and Multi-national level the cost-savings and powerful features fundamental to cloud based communications serve as a leading technological game changer. For example, if we look at the tourism, hospitality and hotel industries where a large number of lines are always required, although many room phones may often not see much use, the inexpensive, scalable, reliable and extremely easily integrated Hosted PBX is a smart choice for businesses with such needs.

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