There’s a lot of corporate break-ups going on at the moment – if you’re a customer of KBC Bank or Ulster Bank you’ll know all about it. But it’s also happening in the telecoms world as well, as Vodafone has announced the switch off of Vodafone One Net in Ireland.


Hopefully, you’re not a customer of either bank and Vodafone One Net as you’ll have a lot of switching ahead, but here at IP Telecom whilst we can’t help you with your financial services provider, we can provide you with a seamless switch from Vodafone One Net.


With IP Telecom you’ll get to keep your geographic numbers and gain a whole host of virtual receptionist and Hosted PBX functionality when you make the switch from Vodafone One Net. What’s more, you’ll get access to Ireland’s leading Business to Business communications network (we only do B2B, so we understand what you and your business need).


If you move to our standard hosted packages, you’ll experience the significant savings that come with IP Telecom – we don’t charge for domestic landline calls and our subscriptions are industry leading presenting exceptionally good value on a per user basis.


And if you switch from Vodafone One Net to our all-in solution IPT One – you’ll gain all the above plus Unlimited Free Mobile Calling across Ireland, the UK, USA and Canada. Plus, Ireland’s leading Microsoft Teams integration and Softphone if you’re not a Microsoft house.


We’ve also got a great, Irish-based team (we’re a 100% Irish-owned company so why wouldn’t we) who are available to assist you with any issues - not that there will be any as we’ve got exceptional uptime – 99.999% in 2021, and we ensure that everything is built and set-up to your daily needs before we switch you to our network.


Vodafone One Net was a great solution, but if you want to make the move to a better way of working for your business, a solution that - according to a third-party survey by TechValidate - almost 9 out of 10 customers would recommend switching to IP Telecom to a friend.


With IP Telecom switching is made simple. Start your switch today by getting in touch with our switching team.



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