Ireland’s leading dedicated Voice Carrier

IP Telecom, a wholly owned Telecoms carrier, leads the way in VoIP Telephony to both SME and Corporate markets. As Ireland's only dedicated business VOIP carrier we deliver quality business solutions and unparalleled service and support to our customers.


Our VoIP network is completely Vendor Neutral

Being vendor neutral means that IP Telecom connects with all major Tier 1 Telecom carriers directly in the datacenters and through INEX, providing business class telcom solutions, Hosted PBX & SIP Trunks, on IP Telecom's very own Voice over IP Network to companies in Ireland and internationally.


We deliver what no other VoIP provider can offer

We eliminate needless costs and embrace a host of cutting edge SIP features and functionality from integrating VoIP telephony and VoIP mobilisation allowing connectivity via multi-device phone system capability through a combination of VoIP methods; SIP Desk Phone, VoIP Home Phone, Smart Phone with VoIP App, Tablet with VoIP app, Laptop and PC with VoIP apps.

No other VoIP Providers can provide you with such a range of options tailored to your business needs.


Our experienced professionals & business integrity

Established by experienced professionals from the Telecoms and IT industries in 2010, our ethos is one of “business telecoms integrity”.

IP Telecom management team work closely with both the partner channel and also directly with our VoIP business clients on both our VoIP Hosted PBX platform and our VoIP SIP Trunks to ensure they receive the expected level of support and assistance that we feel should be the industry standard level with business telephone systems and SIP telephone solutions.

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Eliminate costly line rentals with a quality Hosted PBX solution accessible on an unlimited amount of devices.
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Prices start from as little as €30 per month


Take your business to the next level with IP Telecoms Business Enterprise package.

100+ Users

Prices start from as little as €120 per month

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Whatever the size of your business IP Telecom has a solution tailored for you

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