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Key Benefits for Irish Educators

Easy to Use
Easy to Use

Cut costs and reduce workload across educational institutions with easy-to-use telephone system that integrates with major clinical systems and supports extended access and new forms of educational collaboration.

Amazing Functionality
Amazing Functionality

With IP Telecom, Educators can benefit from a Cloud Phone System that offers call queuing and call recording, helping students and colleagues when they look to get through to departments , and helping colleagues and students collaborate and share learning in new ways.

Integrations to do more
Integrations to do more

The IPT Hosted Phone System and IPT One solutions integrate with many contact management systems which allows a seamless way to access and record patient information during a call. Open API is also available, enabling bespoke integration with existing school or faculty systems.

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Secure, efficient communication

Student or colleague information can be accessed directly when a caller comes through, based on the phone number used. Calls can then be recorded securely and linked to the relevant data record, providing admin and staff access to relevant records relating to calls.

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Our philosophy is simple - we create next-generation phone solutions to help thousands of Irish businesses achieve their business goals. We combine innovation, cost savings, and ease of use to create phone solutions that put the needs of our customers first.

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Everything you need to Communicate Better

Hosted PBX systems from IP Telecom are built to improve every aspect of business communication from customer relations, to team productivity, to software and hardware performance.

Stay Connected

Bring multiple locations and colleagues together on the same network, with internal extensions making it easy to reach any team members, and forward calls without any need to dial back.

Never Miss a Call

Multiple levels of protection & redundancy ensure your patients can reach you even when the internet is down, the power's out, or all of your competitors are having issues.

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Take Control

You know the needs of your practice - with our easy to use online portal there's no need to get another company to manage your phones for you. Add and remove lines as needed, manage call flows & queuing, integrate CRMs & other software and more all in-house with ease.


Unify Communications

With IPT for Teams from IP Telecom, all of your communications including video calling, phones, IM, email, file-sharing and more are seamlessly integrated into the same platform, complete with your Office 365 work-space.

Features Healthcare Professionals Love

Standard Features Across our Products

Video Conferencing

Need to video conference with a patient or collaborate with colleagues? Do it for free with IPT Meet

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Remote working enabled

Enable your team to work anywhere across multiple devices and endpoints.

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vector api

Extend capabilities with seamless API integrations with your databases

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Diary Based Forwarding

Set calls to flow according to your practice's schedule - months in advance 

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General Questions about VoIP
Helping you Decide
Terms & Conditions
What is VoIP

VoIP is simply your phone service delivered over the internet and from 2025 all phone calls across Europe will be via VoIP.

VoIP enables your business to handle voice and other services in a way that suits modern business methods and remote working. Once you are connected to the internet (via broadband or mobile) you can make phone calls anytime, anywhere through your office phone system on any device, desk phone, laptop and mobile app. Call quality is HD and there’s loads of clever add ons that allow you to do business better.

Can I keep my existing business numbers when I move to VoIP?

Of course, you can. We have porting agreements with pretty much everyone, both Irish and internationally. So when you make the move there's no need to change your numbers, but if you want to add or remove further numbers we can take care of all that.

How does VoIP save me money?

From eliminating unnecessary and costly line rentals to reduced or eliminated call costs VoIP can save your business hundreds or even thousands of Euro a year. When businesses have moved to IP Telecom we've saved them an average of 65% - so why not talk to us today and see what you can save.  

I've already moved to VoIP but looking for another provider, can I move to IP Telecom?

Alas, not all VoIP providers are the same and sometimes you may not have got the best experience if you've been with another provider. But, at IP Telecom we ensure that our solutions work for our customers from the start so that they meet and exceed our customers' expectations. So if you're looking to switch provider talk to us today and we can ensure that what we supply works for you - always. 

Is VoIP suitable for remote working?

At IP Telecom we've always believed in the benefits of remote working and had built our products with that in mind. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic had struck we had enabled hundreds of our customers to remote work. Once you are connected to the internet via broadband or mobile our solutions allow you to work from anywhere.

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