Your telephone is still the key to unlocking business success in a digital-first world. In the modern business environment, there is no shortage of communication channels, but the telephone is still the king. And your customers agree, too.

60% of customers prefer phone communication when engaging with your business. The logic behind this sentiment is simple: when restricted to virtual interactions, voice communication is an important tool for maintaining professionalism, bridging the trust gap, and reinforcing brand values.

For this reason, an investment in a cloud-hosted phone system is a top priority for your modern business.


So how does it work?

Utilising VoIP technology (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, a VoIP phone system is a communication solution that allows your business to make and receive calls over the internet instead of traditional lines.

Before the advent of VoIP, businesses would have relied on traditional lines. These physical lines, usually underground, are then passed to your business premises through a socket - yes, the white ones you see in your building.

Since most businesses need to make and take simultaneous calls, they install an on-premise phone system using multiple lines to manage calls within the company. 

These on-premise phone systems are typically a piece of rigid hardware locked away in a comms or admins room, with multiple cabling leading it to desk phones used for making and receiving calls. 


phone-communications-rack-cabinetA typical traditional phone system set-up

In contrast, as the name suggests, cloud-based phone systems pack the primary function of an on-premise phone system into a single piece of software. With the power of the internet, a cloud-based or VoIP phone system unlocks limitless communication for your business.

The advent of work-from-anywhere models means that your dispersed teams need a centralised communication solution that fosters collaboration and, more importantly, allows them to connect with your customers no matter where they are. When you switch to a VoIP phone system, you're not just changing the handsets on the desks; the in-built features and functionalities empower every end-user to excel in a hybrid working environment. 

Whether your employee is a digital-native or technophobe, each user has access to customisable features that fit their way of working.


So let's explore some of these features

Number Porting

A business phone number is a unique direct line to your business, so losing a business phone number during the switch is inconceivable. At IP Telecom, we let you bring all your business numbers to their network, irrespective of their geographical location (in most cases).

Your employees can also get new virtual numbers that allow outside calls to direct lines assigned to them.

Call Analytics

A unique trait of modern businesses is the application of data in decision-making. The right customer insight can genuinely transform your business. However, collecting and analysing real-world data is a challenge in itself.

VoIP phone systems run on multiple devices, including desk phones and softphones. That means they can record and process all your call data - these include call session metrics, behavioural trends, individual agent performance, and others.

Call Routing

Your phone system, your rules! With advance call routing, you establish rules for inbound calling and automatically route them where they need to go.

Call routing is a great way to improve first-time resolution to enquiries. These routing rules can be based on caller ID, caller response to your IVR system, i.e. purpose of the call, or staff availability.

Conference Bridge

Long before Zoom calls, we had conference calls. A conference bridge is a feature that enables you to add more than three people to a single call.

What makes call conferencing impressive with a VoIP phone system is that each user can unlock this feature in their user profile. So ultimately, you have unlimited meeting rooms that each employee can access.


The office is not going anywhere soon, and traditional telephones on office desks are a key fixture in the office aesthetic - yes, they are also handy for making and receiving calls.

But it's even better if you can make those business calls on any device.

VoIP softphones make it possible.

No matter where you are, you can install the software on your work desktop, laptop, or table - and you're good to go - connected to your company's cloud phone system from your preferred location (in-office or remote).

Cloud PBX Vs On Prem-2

On-Premise restricts, the cloud liberates

Do business better with IP Telecom

The features outlined above are just the tip of the iceberg. VoIP phone systems unlock endless possibilities for businesses. Irish companies are in a race to deliver the most efficient working model - and with the right tech you can lead the pack. Don't be left behind!

IP Telecom's IPT Hosted Phone has in-built features that will satisfy all your telecommunication needs. We have over ten years of experience in delivering tailor-made phone solutions for Irish businesses.

Want to do business better? Contact us online or call one of our experts today.









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