Hosted PBX + Zoho CRM = Happy Customers

IPT for Zoho Integration
  • Make and receive calls directly from Zoho CRM
  • Click-to-call options from your CRM
  • Call pop ups to show who's calling
  • Contextual Calling - know why an inbound call is calling before you answer
  • Improved analytics to help you get the most from your team


Complete calls with a single click from Zoho applications, and create an integrated phone system that offers more value to potential customers.

  • Simple and quick to use
  • Integrate with your hosted PBX
  • Click to call can be carried out over desktop application or via deskphone

Call Pop-Ups

Your integration will give call pop-ups on all incoming calls, notify agents of any missed calls, and let them set reminders for their outbound calls.

  • Instantly see who's calling
  • Improve response times 
  • See status of customer/customer type
  • Associate callers to agent

Contextual Calling Cards

Display a business card view of Zoho details and information on any relevant information, every time agents connect with a lead or customer.

  • See who is calling
  • Instantly see why they may be calling
  • See last interaction between parties
  • Allows agents to engage without questioning the caller
  • Improves agent to customer interaction

Analytics and reporting

Offer more than just a phone system you can integrate reports and call analytics APIs to provide agents with valuable insights based on their call data alongside their email interactions with customers.

  • Call durations
  • Contact rates
  • Wait times
  • Last engagements

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