Feel tied down to your desk?

Take your phone on the go with Softphone from IP Telecom! The BRIA 4 softphone client lets you seamlessly manage all of your communications on one device, then use your business number to make and receive calls from any of them. Whether you want to work from home, take your phone on the go, or are just tired of switching back and forth between your desktop and handset, the softphone app makes your life easier.

Softphone from IP Telecom

IP Telecom’s competitive prices and unbeatable service make using Softphone an easy choice for our customers.

Bria 4 is a carrier-grade next generation SIP softphone client that enables you to manage your communications easily and efficiently – all from your computer desktop.


BRIA for Desktop - €49.95 per year

Available for Mac and Windows

Bria is a highly inter-operable desktop softphone that enables voice and HD video calls over IP

  • Make voice and HD video conference calls
  • Easily manage calls with an intuitive interface
  • Integrate multiple accounts, such as directories and Microsoft Outlook
  • Share lines and other Workgroup capabilities

BRIA for Mobile - €24.95 per year

Available for a wide range of smartphones including IOS, Blackberry and Android.

  • Seamlessly integration with BRIA for desktop
  • Split, merge and transfer calls
  • Enjoy one-touch access to contacts, the dial pad and more
  • Extensive in-call options such as hold, mute, add call and speakerphone

BRIA for Tablet - €29.95 per year

Available for all popular tablets, including iPads, Samsung and Microsoft products.

  • Seamless integration with BRIA for desktop and mobile
  • Enjoy all of the BRIA's features with the portability of your tablet


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