Get the most from Microsoft Teams with IPT for Teams

Microsoft Teams is the game changer when it comes to collaboration tools, combining all your regular Office 365 business Word documents,  PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets with collaborative tools to truly empower group working.  But why stop at written collaboration when IPT for Teams allows you to integrate your phone system with MS Teams creating a unique truly collaborative workspace combining written and voice communications.

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  • Bridge your business phone system with the collaborative features of Microsoft Teams
  • Keep all your existing phone numbers
  • Combine all your conversations written or spoken, into the one space
  • Make and receive calls on any device. PC, Mac or Mobile
  • Quick and easy implementation, zero downtime
  • No additional hardware or software required
  • Enterprise grade security and end-to-end encryption
  • Retain company full receptionist or IVR function
  • Enables remote working and remote collaboration 
  • Teams App works as a softphone – no additional charges or licences required

Empowering the benefits of collaboration for your business 

Create true collaboration

IPT for Teams enables a truly integrated, collaborative space within the Microsoft workspace combining all the benefits of a full business phone system with Teams

Designed around real businesses

Our expert team will use our experience to deploy IPT for Teams to your business ensuring you get the maximum benefit for the way your business functions 

All your conversations in the one space

Combine your Microsoft Office based collaborations with your voice communications and the business benefits that VoIP brings

With IPT for Teams you get to keep your phone number, retain market leading cent-per-minute plans and fully integrate your business with the Microsoft Teams collaborative space.


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