Is your business ready for the future?

With Hosted PBX it can be. Say goodbye to cumbersome hardware, extensive maintenance, and expensive upgrades. Hosted PBX’s totally virtual calling system takes away all of these worries, using high-speed internet to connect you to your customers.

Why do I need Hosted PBX?

On top of saving time and money, here are some reasons our customers choose Hosted PBX for their business phone systems:

  • Use your work number on any device
  • Add new users whenever you want
  • Keep your existing phone numbers
  • Connect all of your locations and employees
  • Keep up with your customers
  • Utilize built in on-hold messaging, call-recording, and metrics

Choose Ireland’s best supported, most user-friendly platform

With IP Telecom, you don’t just get the benefits of a Hosted PBX phone system: you get the benefits of partnering with Dublin’s leading provider of VoIP services, including...

  • Unlimited free calling to Irish and UK lines
  • On-site installation and training by IP Telecom Trained Engineers
  • Zero downtime while you switch
  • Unlocked handsets from IP Telecom
  • Limitless free internet calling
  • Up to 70% savings.

Unhappy with your current provider?

Make the switch to Ireland's only dedicated VOIP provider. The No. 1 choice for
business VOIP in Ireland

Communicate Better with IP Telecom!

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enjoying all the benefits of IP Telecom VoIP Solutions.

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