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Our Values

Integrity in everything we do

IP Telecom has integrity behind our products… We stand behind our solutions, and are very honest with our customers, we ensure that the product supplied always works for what our customer wants to achieve.

Customer-focused products

We listen to what customers want, find out what’s annoying about their current solutions, and build solutions around their current and future needs

Friendly Customer Service

The people at the end of the phone are all engineers or have other industry experience, based in Ireland, and go above and beyond to ensure that issues are solved rapidly.

Who We Are

In 2010, a group of professionals from the IT and Telecom industries decided it was time to see telephony done right. With an award-winning Hosted PBX platform and decades of combined engineering, telephony and business experience, IP Telecom has quickly become the leading VoIP provider for organisations of all sizes.


What Makes us Different?

Customer Focused

IP Telecom is a privately owned telecoms carrier, allowing us to provide quality solutions and dedicated support that’s focused entirely on you.

Vendor Neutral

Our vendor-neutral VoIP network connects with all Tier 1 Networks, supplying you with highly compatible service that leverages the best resources available.

Industry Experts

Our dedicated team are all Telecoms Industry experts,  combine decades of experience in engineering, business needs to guarantee you the highest quality of support and services.

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