What are SIP Trunks?

SIP is a signalling communications protocol similar to that used by ISDN lines.

SIP Trunks from IP Telecom enable our customers to use their existing IP PBX phone system on our SIP network. IP Telecom SIP Trunks provide a business-class voice service harnessing the full potential of high quality broadband links to make significant savings in overall communications costs by eliminating expensive PRI, FRA and ISDN monthly line rental charges. Customers can save 1000’s of Euros per annum by implementing IP Telecom SIP Trunks.

Why do I need a SIP Trunk?

IP Telecom provision SIP Trunks completely FREE of charge

  • Save Money - Eliminate BRI and PRI subscription costs
  • Remote Connectivity
  • Improved Security with signaling encryption
  • Keep existing numbers
  • Reduce local and international call rates
  • Cancel costly ISDN lines
  • Integrate with your existing Phone System
  • Use your existing Caller ID with no monthly fee
  • Fully SIP compliant
  • Monthly Billing – pay as you use

Why choose our SIP Trunks for your business?

IP Telecom provision SIP Trunks completely FREE of charge

  • No limit on voice channels
  • No monthly charge
  • Use existing Phone system
  • Calls charged per second - no call set up or minimum call charges

Prices start from as little as €3 per month per person

SIP Trunk Features

IP Telecom SIP Trunks carry no set up fee and are quick and easy to switch on

First Class Customer Support

Keep All Your Numbers

Zero Downtime

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