With the news this week that Dublin City Council are set to return to their offices from June on a full-time basis for a full month before being given the option of hybrid working, how this experiment in a ‘big bang’ return to the workplace will work will be keenly watched by employers and other state agencies alike.


Whilst nobody is expecting that the majority of office-based staff will go back to a full five days a week in the office (that particular train left town in March 2020 and isn’t coming back), what it does allow for is an assessment of what’s needed from a tech point of view to ensure that when remote work is in place, seamless delivery of service can continue.


Putting the right Comms Stack in place to ensure seamless delivery of service across all models of work is what we do here at IP Telecom. Our systems are, and always have been, built to suit the way we do business now and into the future.


Calls route by person, not location, so for example when my deskphone rings in our head office, my laptop and mobile ring simultaneously – so no matter where I am I’m always reachable. I also can call out - with my deskphone number presented - from my laptop or smartphone, keeping my mobile number private, but also housing all the calls under the phone system by sending the call via data. So, no call charges to my mobile phone.


Now there’s loads of ways that we can tie these calls into CRMs, reporting tools and other software via our IPT Connect product, but that’s for another day’s blog.


The Programme for Government has made a commitment to move to 20 per cent remote or hybrid working across the public sector - which helps align the public sector with some of the private sector initiatives being endorsed by the Tánaiste Leo Varadkar (although many businesses are now well beyond 20%) and will also help in terms of some of the climate goals of the Minister of Transport Eamon Ryan. Perhaps 20 percent is a good start, perhaps we should be more ambitious - time will tell.


The three measures that are crucial to the success of hybrid working - satisfying employee needs and delivering seamless services, whilst keeping costs minimised – are all achieved through having the right Comms Stack in place. Make sure you choose yours wisely.

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