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A Softphone app is included with IPT One and One Anywhere plans as well as all calls and all systems, all in one unlimited package.

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IPT Meet

Need to host a video conference - do it for free with IPT Meet and keep face to face meetings going while you remote work

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IPT Call Centre

IPT Call Centre is a powerful, inbound call centre platform designed around the needs of call centres of any scale. Track metrics, agent activity and integrate with CRMs. Run a full-scale Call Centre whilst your team remote work

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Diary Based Forwarding

If you're in the office certain days and not others you can apply advance call forwarding schedules based on your diary - or apply simultaneous calling on those days so all devices ring.

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General Questions about Remote Working
Terms and Conditions
What's the process for Remote Enabling my business?

There are three simple steps to remote enable your business calls

1) Engage

Complete the form and we'll call you back at a time that suits you to find out your business requirements

2) Set up

Our team will then run through what needs to be configured on your side and we'll set things up on our platform

3) That's it...

Your calls will flow from your business lines straight to either mobiles or laptops (or both)

At IP Telecom we can remote enable your business often without a site visit, talk to our team today to find out more

Will Engineers need to call to my premises?

It depends on the business and the nature of your current set-up. Quite often once we can access your systems we can remotely install remote working solutions. 

What devices do I need?

Our Softphone apps are compatible with most devices - once we have your details we can enable most modern laptops, mobiles and tablets with our softphones. We can also enable inbound and outbound calling via collaborative tools such as Microsoft Teams and other CRM solutions like Salesforce and Zoho.

Where will my phone calls ring to when I am remote enabled?

When you are remote enabled you can have specific devices ring at certain times or have them all ring simultaneously. When many of us are spending time in remote working situations and also with occasional journeys to offices, this solution works best. Simultaneously you can have your deskphone, mobile and laptop ring so that you're always connected.

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