We enable business continuity 

The Process

If you are interested in availing of our solution for your business, please complete the form below


We will then call you on the number that you provide to find the solution that best suits your business needs


Our team will then work with you to have your remote working call solution up running as soon as possible.  


The IP Telecom solution can be remote enabled allowing a unique 'no-touch' installation process and all running to plan we can have everything up and running in a matter of hours.


Through our systems we can enable remote working allowing:

  • Forwarding calls from business lines to mobile
  • Calls to direct dial numbers seamlessly redirect
  • Extension based dialling continues to function as normal
  • Project based collaboration continues via Microsoft Teams and other tools
  • Calls can be integrated into MS Teams or other collaboration software
  • Call recording and transcription options are available – these can be embedded into collaborations to allow you to review
  • Dialling from softphone apps works through the phone system, call costs are minimised, and your business phone number is presented allowing you to maintain personal privacy

Three simple steps to remote enable your business calls

1) Engage

Complete the form and we'll call you back at a time that suits you to find out your business requirements

2) Set up

Our team will then run through what needs to be configured on your side and we'll set things up on our platform

3) That's it...

Your calls will flow from your business lines straight to either mobiles or laptops (or both)

At IP Telecom we can remote enable your business often without a site visit, talk to our team today to find out more


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