International Hosted PBX Solution - Dublin, Rio, San Francisco and Kuala Lumpur

The solution involved a roll out of a Hosted PBX to Dublin, Rio, San Francisco and Kuala Lumpur

“It’s amazing how easily we connect to our offices in Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco and Kuala Lumpur simply by using a 3-digit dial and it’s like they are right beside us.

Stable lines, crystal clear audio over lengthy calls with zero downtime.

It’s pain-free and simple with IP Telecom, easy to add new users, plug & play, simple and low cost billing.

No avalanche of documentation and always patient. Every person that answers the phone at IP Telecom is an ambassador for the business and gives a really good impression.

They just get the job done so everyone else can get on with theirs basically!”

Alison Smith – Manager


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