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Posted by IP Telecom on Apr 8, 2022 5:29:46 PM

Barnardos is a leading children's charity with over 700 staff and volunteers, working in 40 centres across Ireland. Before Barnardos moved to IP Telecoms VoIp based solution, each of their 40 sites had its own phone system. It was difficult to manage and failed to meet their organisationals needs.

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The Solution

IPT Hosted Phone
IPT for Call Centres
Call Recording

With IP Telecom, Barnardos unified all 40 sites under one cloud-hosted phone system with individual extensions for all users. For statistics and reporting, Barnados added our fully-customisable business-class call centre facility plus cloud-based call recording for regulatory compliance.

The Results

Cloud-Based PBX
Remote enabled

“Before we moved to IP telecom, each of our 40 sites had their separate PBX.  We had to call the main reception number to get through to individuals, now they can be contacted directly. I think the customer service from IP Telecom has been second to none and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending IP Telecom to anyone.”

James Somers | Barnardos

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