With many VoIP connections, there is no need to install extra wires, switching boards, or phone connections

Of course there are many reasons why VoIP is the perfect choice for many businesses throughout Ireland although it below is just 5 REASONS VoIP IS ESSENTIAL FOR BUSINESS TODAY as outlined by: Tech.co

  • Cut your costs

If you aren’t using VoIP at the moment, than you’re most certainly using the traditional lines that have been around for decades.  If this is the case, you end up spending money on every minute you spend on the phone.  This can run up very high monthly bills, especially if you make a lot of international calls.  Using VoIP, your costs will be significantly reduced.  To avail fully of all the benefits VoIP has to offer, you only need to have a high quality line.  Switching to VoIP can save you up to 40% on your local calls, and up to 90% on your international calls!

  • More than just voice calls

Many VoIP systems offer video  calls, video conferencing, and even screen sharing.  many VoIP systems also have chat capabilities that are also integrated into the service.  In other words, they allow for a wider range of communication from one system and can really help with collaboration.

  • More Flexible and Scalable

Because VoIP systems rely on the Internet to send data and calls, they can be easily expanded. Adding a new line or number is usually as simple as clicking a button. If you have lines that aren’t being used, you can also remove these easily too. This means that as you grow, you can easily scale VoIP connections and lines.

  • Ease of Set Up

With many VoIP connections, there is no need to install extra wires, switching boards, or phone connections. Some systems can be installed by simply downloading an app to your computer. Other systems require that you install an adaptor to your existing phones that converts the analog voice signals into digital, before sending them over the Internet. These adaptors are small and usually all you have to do is plug the phone’s cable in, then plug the adaptor into an Internet connection socket.

  • Extra Features

When you use traditional systems you usually have to pay extra for features like call display, call holding, call forwarding, fax lines, etc. These are often features that businesses need, and having to pay extra for them seems at times nonsensical. Most VoIP providers, on the other hand, include many important features in their products, meaning businesses won’t have to pay extra for them.

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