The Best Irish VoIP Service Provider – How to Choose the right provider for your business?

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How to Choose - The Best Irish VoIP Service Provider 

If you have got this far it is without doubt you have heard the term ‘VoIP’ and are possibly considering VoIP for your business phone solution… and so now you are looking for the best Irish VoIP Service Provider ?. Well, below we have put together some info to help you in your decision making process while searching for VoIP Providers.

A quick overview of VoIP in order to help you choose the best Irish VoIP service provider

Voice over IP or (VoIP) as otherwise referred to, as a business phone technology and service has improved in leaps and bounds in the last number of years, (some would even argue it is taken over as the top choice for business telecom solutions) with many businesses switching from traditional telecom providers to hosted VoIP providers. Everything from sound quality, reliability and customer service have played a part in contributing to business owners decisions to begin focusing on VoIP for Business. Partner those contributions with the quality and growth of high speed Internet availability and it doesn’t take much to realise how Voice over IP is being incorporated by businesses of all sizes worldwide (according to Infonetics), “with the annual growth rate increasing substantially over the last couple of years from 30% upwards”.

In order to use VoIP for your business telecom solution, there is one main requirement for your company, which is a Broadband connection as the technology sends your voice as "data packets" through the Internet instead of a regular phone line in a traditional phone system. Each individual VoIP Service Provider will have different offerings for your business but one commonly asked question is, can you still continue to use your existing phones? The answer is yes, with the help of an adapter or you can invest in a range of IP Phones which will plug directly in to your internet connection. Nevertheless, the right provider will point you in the right direction that will ensure your business gets the full benefits of switching to a business VoIP solution

Some benefits for your business when switching to a VoIP Service Provider.

The decision to switch to a Voice over IP solution from a traditional PSTN solution is often considered a daunting or difficult challenge that is ‘put off till later’ and can often leave business owners unsure of whether they will actually benefit from making the switch. The decision is important for your business so it should be researched in-depth, with that said, you can be reassured it is not a difficult decision to overcome once you realise all the benefits and advantages that the technology and service will bring to your business after making the switch. In saying that, the consideration of incorporating a new technology may still remain, as there is a cost involved, and when cost is involved, that has to require weighing up the benefits and advantages of what the expense of switching to VoIP can bring to your business compared with your traditional phone system, so how you will differentiate the best Irish VoIP Service Provider will be through those that are willing to present you with a nice proposal or presentation to outline and answer your questions or concerns on why Voice over IP is worth it for your business as well as how they can assist you. So if you are trying to justify making this change in your business or need some convincing still, check out this small list of benefits of a business VoIP phone service:

·         No onsite PBX – Switching to VoIP will include replacing that old circuit switched PBX. This is the monster piece of equipment that is stored in your telecom closet. You will no longer need it so you can eliminate any costs that come associated with it.

·         Using LAN – You can start using your local area network (LAN) to route calls both internally and externally over the internet. This is possible because voice over IP is a digital packet switched technology so the voice traffic can be encapsulated in digital packets. This will make a huge difference in your monthly telecom costs as you are no longer using the public switched telephone network for your external calling.

·         Lower Call Costs - Make low cost or free national or international inter-office calls. Use the company WAN (Wide Area Network) for your calls. Simply dial an access number for a particular site and then dial the local number. Your call no longer has premium calling charges associated with it and can quite often be FREE.

·         Improve productivity - Through accessing the vast array of features that are enabled by Voice over IP and IP based phones. Some examples are easy conference calling and virtual office functionality. The virtual office functionality alone should increase productivity as it allows flexibility in the location where an employee can work.

There are many other features you can find out about business VoIP as well as some points we have put together in the posts below such as understanding business VoIP.

A tip to remember: Always assess your companies phone system needs and ask each VoIP Service Provider to outline what they offer in order to meet those needs for your business. You will quite easily be able to determine the best voip service provider for your business by narrowing the providers based on your needs and what they will offer you.

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