IP Telecom Call Recording gives our Hosted PBX customers the option to record some or all of their inbound and outbound calls. IP Telecom Hosted PBX Call Recording is a business based service that can be added to any user’s profile without any additional hardware required.

All IP Telecom Call Recording customers will get a listing of all their recordings that they can listen back to. Individual calls can be downloaded and saved locally if required to retain beyond standard retention period. This produces quick and simple management of your recordings. Crucially we manage everything in the cloud so there is no extra equipment needed at your premises.

The smart choice for your business:

With IP Telecoms Hosted PBX Call Recording Storage, every customer interaction with your business is simply recorded and stored in the IP Telecom Cloud for a period of time. Our Hosted PBX Call Recording storage delivers a complete recording storage facility, providing businesses with operational flexibility and a solid system resiliency.

The IP Telecom Hosted PBX Call Recording Storage is suitable for all businesses that don’t have the time, expenditure or employees required for managing call recording records in-house. There is no hidden costs or enormous expenditure needed; pricing is simply based length of time for storage you require.

IP Telecoms Hosted PBX Call Recording Storage can be installed quickly, often within 24 hours.

Previously an expensive solution only available to larger Enterprise customers and call centre-type businesses, IP Telecom now offer a cost effective VoIP Call Recording Storage solution suitable for all business types and sizes. IP Telecom’s reliable, flexible offering consists of quality monitoring and secure, protected servers in our data center.


Call recording can be stopped mid-call to allow for sensitive information to be gathered like credit card or bank details.
Agents or Managers can add or removed the VoIP Call Recording function depending on their level of access.

Costs: company wide from only €40 per month

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