So, you’ve decided that you require a new telephone system, now you need to decide who to look at! Here’s 5 top tips for choosing the company who can provide the right system for your needs.

Know your requirements

If you’ve read any previous IP Telecom posts you’ll know that one of the most important points we always mention is ‘know your requirements’. In order to know who the best provider for you is, you’ll need to know what you need and if they can meet your requirements.

Start your search

Now that you know what you need, start looking for providers. The best ways to do this is to do a quick online search. Type in phrases such as VoIP providers, business telephone systems, telephone system providers etc. You’ll then be able to pick a few companies that match your requirements. 

Do your research

After you’ve chosen the companies you’d like to contact, have a look for reviews, social media pages and even news articles to get some information about the companies. 

Be open to suggestions

As a customer, we sometimes expect to be sold to, but sometimes having an open conversation with your potential provider can give you a lot more information than you thought was possible! For example, some customers don’t know that we have apps available so that you can use your office number on the go.

Ask the right questions

Make sure you know what you’re getting and what happens if you decide to walk away at some point in the future. Questions to ask could include:

  • Who manages the installation?

  • If I buy new hardware from you, will I need to pay a release fee?

  • Can I get out of my contract early? If so, is there a fee?

  • Are there any underlying charges?


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