SIP Trunking is like virtualising your current telephony services while still maintaining the call clarity, speed and security

Are you tired of phone lines and traditional telecommunications providers? Your not happy with your current provider but you have your business phone system with a traditional telecom provider so long that you consider it too much ‘hassle’ looking at better and more advanced options… Don’t worry; you are definitely not the only one! With that said, it has never been more simple to switch from a traditional phone system provider to a hosted solution and reap the rewards on savings as well as the multiple features and benefits that come with it.

Today, many big businesses and small businesses including startups are now turning to SIP Trunking as a way to empower users and make communications simple. You’ve probably heard the term SIP Trunking being mentioned more frequently between businesses but you ask yourself the same question as everyone else that is not entirely sure of the term SIP Trunking… What exactly is SIP — and should your business take a drink?

The definition from many tech companies: Session Imitation Protocol (SIP) trunking as “the use of voice over IP (VoIP) to facilitate the connection of a private branch exchange (PBX) to the Internet.” – Yes, your right… It is a mouthful!

So let’s keep it simple this time: SIP Trunking is like virtualising your current telephony services while still maintaining the call clarity, speed and security. It is rapidly gaining growth as businesses now opt for VoIP-based alternatives as their first choice over traditional integrated digital services networks (IDSNs).

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Small SIPs: The Basics

Traditional telephone systems also run using a “trunk,” which is any line or link that can carry multiple signals simultaneously. Unlike a traditional telephone trunk, SIP-enabled systems allow direct connection with an Internet telephony service provider (ITSP).

This makes it possible to extend VoIP systems beyond the confines of company walls but without the need for an IP-based public switched telephone network (PSTN) gateway through the firewall. In other words, you can skip the traditional phone provider and still get all the same benefits.

Big Gulps: Key Benefits

SIP trunks also come with a number of built-in benefits. First is the ability of SIP technology to combine data, voice and video content into a single line, meaning you don’t require separate media channels for each type. As noted by Microsoft, trunks can carry instant messages, multimedia conferences and user information with equal facility. The result? Simplified communications and reduced operational complexity, leading to lower costs.

It’s also important to note that SIP trunks perform all the functions of standard PSTN offerings such as making and receiving local and long-distance calls and accessing directory assistance. These networks also support email exchanges and Internet browsing along with the ability to integrate both mobile and traditional phones.

Since the service isn’t based on physical circuit-switching, adding or removing a line is easy and requires no downtime. The big takeaway here? Everything is simplified, streamlined and easy-to-use, no matter how many lines you’re connecting.

Something to keep in mind:

The use of cloud-based SIP networks. Instead of storing all telephony data on company-owned servers, cloud-based SIP trunks offload this responsibility to providers. The result is further cost reduction and increased data security owing to the redundant nature of the cloud.

What’s more, many of these networks are HIPAA and SOC2 compliant, meaning even companies dealing with health care or legal information can keep their data secure. And in the event of local disaster, using a cloud-based SIP means your communication service stays up and running.

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