For many decision makers considering making the switch to a VoIP Enterprise Provider compared to a traditional phone system provider, each VoIP provider offering may look similar to the other at first glance with respect to features, price offerings and IP Phone costs, but… delving deeper and contacting each individual VoIP Provider you come across will quickly help you better understand which Enterprise VoIP Providers are right for your business.

There a number of different enterprise VoIP Providers available which will offer you a number of different options for your business, however some of the more noticeable differences you should look out for are ones like those who have their own unique portal for customers to log on and manage their phone solution themselves such as ring groups, adding and removing users to name a few or being a business only voip provider which will ensure your business receives the supports it needs in getting the most out of your business phone system and those that offer support will go that extra mile to ensure you know all what can be provided for you in order to match your business communication needs. 

Ensuring you have sufficient bandwidth.

When using VoIP (Voice over IP) telephony, it can take up a lot of bandwidth, that is the amount of data which can be downloaded and uploaded at the same time. Although the majority of enterprise businesses more often than not are already receiving or signed up for a premium data plan with broadband providers which may mean the bandwidth your enterprise is currently using is sufficient enough. Next, it needs to be made sure the business has a QoS router, that is a router that selects real time data (e.g., video and audio) over non-real time data (e.g., web surfing, email). So to get the most of enterprise VoIP both hardware and service is needed to be capable of supporting an enterprise VoIP system.

We found a good example of this for enterprise VoIP from “Here’s a simple calculation: To make ten concurrent VoIP phone calls with good HD sound quality, you need 5-10 MBps up and down. So to make 100 calls at once you’ll need 500MBps-1 GBps. Keep in mind, first, that if you have 500 phones that doesn’t mean you’ll be making 500 calls at once, and that you need the same speed upstream and downstream—most ISP’s give you faster downstream than upstream”.

Any good enterprise VoIP providers will without hesitation give a walkthrough of this and provide recommendations for how much bandwidth the enterprise will need, based on the information you provide such as the number of lines and users which are needed for the enterprise along with the equipment configuration, and what routers are needed or best suited to business telephony needs.

IP Telecom Enterprise VoIP:

If you would like to know more check out our related articles below along with our enterprise VoIP page where you can find costs for the number of users in which you may need for your VoIP Enterprise Phone System. You can also read more from some of our enterprise voip customers here, such as Radius Technologies which recently signed a 1.5 million euro deal with IP Telecom over 3 years.

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