If you are the decision maker for an enterprise looking to advance the business communication along with the technology available today and the costs involved, well then it is likely you will already be aware that scaling up in business has its advantages and disadvantages. 

One of those main risks is if you scale up too quickly without outlining exactly what your business communication needs are, you can very easily end up spending way too much money, with that said, on the other hand, if you scale the business too slowly, you miss opportunities to advance with technology and the changes and benefits it brings with it for the business.  However, when it comes to business communications and considering VoIP telephone solutions, one of the best advantages of this regarding VoIP systems, is you can scale for your enterprise at the speed and budget you need to, whether it is a case of needing more users and phones than you originally planned for or you accounted for too many users and phones than you thought, at any point you can easily scale back down depending on the your provider you select from the range of Enterprise VoIP Providers available to you. Below are a couple of tips to help guide you when shopping for enterprise VoIP phone systems.

If you have not already done so, analyse and outline your business telephony budget for the next couple of years.

This should include the startup costs, if you decide to switch to enterprise VoIP, much like other technology or up scaling advances in an enterprise, there are more often than not going to be costs in getting set up or started when switching from a previous way of doing things. Upgrading the business telephony solution and in particular enterprise VoIP, there may be the need to buy new phone systems such as IP Phones to receive the full advantages of enterprise VoIP or you may need to upgrade the modems or routers, it is also possible that there may be costs associated with keeping all the existing numbers and porting them to the new enterprise VoIP providers network, but each individual provider has different offerings that should be outlined to you when you mention the businesses telephony needs, which you can then weigh this up against the costs of maintaining the existing equipment.

With that said, VoIP integrates with a lot of different business services and features that can allow you to focus on making more money and save your employees valuable time. It may take some time for you to make the switch to enterprise VoIP solutions and also money to make the change, but there is no doubt the business will see more savings and more benefits every month once the decision is made to switch. IP Telecom for example offers one of Ireland's most competitive pricing for Enterprise VoIP with Unlimited Free calls to Ireland and UK Landlines. No limit on Devices for each individual user and the system is fully installed by the IP Telecom engineering team with little or no downtime for the business.

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