More and more businesses are making the switch to VoIP, and taking full advantages of the technology as well as the cost savings of Enterprise VoIP Phone Systems

Getting started with Enterprise VoIP Phone Systems

If you are a business owner, director, finance manager or IT manager for a business looking to switch to VoIP for the business phone system, at first, the decision and shopping around different providers to see what each are offering and how well it matches your business phone needs can seem a bit daunting or sometimes expensive for installation and set up costs. But once you assess and establish the needs for your business phone system you will become aware that each individual VoIP Provider will offer different competitive rates.

Business of all sizes are making the switch to VoIP, and taking full advantages of the technology as well as the cost savings, of course the cost will depend on the number of lines or extensions needed, but the monthly business phone service costs can start as low as €30 per month for up to 10 users or if you are an enterprise business they can start at as little as €150 per month for up to 100 users, each with an unlimited amount of devices which the system can be used on. But knowing exactly what you need will make the transition fast, easy, and cost-effective.

From small business VoIP to enterprise VoIP phone systems, every business phone service provider has a different list of features set, as well as prices and shopping around to review those individual providers will be key to getting the most out of your enterprise VoIP Phone Systems. That along with the size of your company, you should consider the system features needed, and the amount of unanticipated usage to see the real cost savings compared to traditional phone systems.

Create a brief checklist when searching for Enterprise VoIP Phone Systems Providers like below:

– make sure to know the internet connection quality and of course bandwidth to ensure there is enough Internet speed for this (the right VoIP phone provider or Internet provider can you help decide whether it is).

– have an idea of your phone system budget, the calling needs, and phone system features you are looking for, then use this information to whittle down particular Enterprise business VoIP offerings to see which provider can offer you the best service package for your budget along with your business telephony needs.

– there are a huge selection of IP Phones available, the majority of the time each provider will use a certain brand, the price will range depending on what you expect to be able to do with the device so have an idea which hardware is best for your company’s current and foreseeable needs.

Lastly – compare voip providers, read reviews and customer stories and get an idea of what each provider is like as an Enterprise VoIP Phone Systems Provider.

Some key Benefits and Features of Enterprise VoIP Phone Systems:

Scaling at your pace

Enterprise VoIP can grow with your business, Enterprise VoIP Phone Systems can easily scale up or down for your business with a click of a button or a call to your provider. This allows you to easily add or remove users at those slower or more in demand times of business with ease.

Manage the workforce remotely

If you are out of office, working from home, on holiday or on the go meeting customers or at events, mobile apps and IP phones can connect to enterprise phone systems and you can still receive and make calls as if you were sitting at your desk.  No matter where you are, or which device your using, you’re never out of touch and best of all the caller ID stays the same.

Have control with Advanced Call Routing

If it was the case that you were not in the position and did not want to be contacted, enterprise VoIP comes with multiple features which allow you to focus on what you are doing without being disturbed or interrupted by setting the Do Not Disturb mode which will allow you to decide when you can and cannot be reached within certain hours and decide whenever to let the call go to someone else or voicemail.

Integration with CRMs and more

With Enterprise VoIP, as you are already using the Internet, you can set up or integrate and sync with CRM’s or many other cloud-based services that includes CRM services, collaboration apps, recruitment, accounting, and email.

All IP Telecom Enterprise VoIP Phone Systems Packages include the following benefits and features:

•Unlimited Free Local, National & UK Calls

•Unlimited Devices per user; smartphone, deskphone, tablet, PC

•Voicemail to Email; receive to your inbox as audio file. Fax to email.

•Unlimited Free Calls between your multilocation branch/office

•Unlimited email support

•Eliminate Line Rental and costs of calls between branches

•Self-Service Portal available via Web interface

•Eliminate traditional phone system installation/upgrade

•No maintenance or service charges

IP Telecom provide solutions for companies ranging in size from multi-site and international large enterprise and corporate to SME businesses, semi-state government bodies to large calls centres, professional services and many other mainstream and diverse industry sectors.

Enterprise VoIP Phone Systems prices with IP Telecom begin from €150 per month for up to 100 users. To learn more call +353 1 687 7777

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