Every business knows that adopting and implementing digital transformation initiatives will be a priority in the 2020s. Companies looking to transform their business processes, model, and company culture must ensure that their communication tools are in sync with their enterprise tools to achieve a seamless  transition.

Creating a digital platform that eases the management of business processes and communication should be the aim of any business.

Cloud computing is the pillar all digital transformation initiatives must lean on. A migration to a cloud-based phone system should be a top priority for a business looking to align its enterprise and communication tools to improve operational efficiency and organisational agility.

On-premise phone systems are becoming obsolete. With PSTN lines becoming redundant by 2025, its high time you upgraded your business phone system. The following reasons demonstrate why its a no-brainer to migrate to a cloud-hosted PBX solution that will accelerate your transformation to a modern business.

Hosted PBX cost-effective subscription model allows you to scale affordably. 

Hosted PBX lets a business migrates their communication system from a rigid on-premise hardware to a software in the cloud,  eliminating massive upfront investment in infrastructure and hardware while saving overtime on recurring costs in maintenance. In the digital age, the SaaS model is becoming the primary option for businesses, as it allows companies to grow at their own pace. 

IP Telecom's Hosted PBX, allows you to add new employees, move them to different phone groups, assign extensions and build call flows with ease. The platform grants companies the features to self-administrate their phone system at a go, which is perfect for businesses looking to expand quickly.

Hosted PBX integrations with CRM platforms empowers businesses to give a tailored experience to their modern customers. 

Customers in the digital age have a high expectation of information they get from your business. By consolidating your CRM and phone system in a single solution, you have realtime insights and data that improves your interactions with customers. 

Features such as screen popping, click-to-dial, eases the communication flow of every interaction while displaying contact records and notes to aid with giving your customer a personalised experience. The digital culture demands a first-time resolution to queries; IP Telecom's Hosted PBX innovative integration with Zoho helps you meet your digital customer at their point of need.

Transform your workplace with a unified communication platform.

The workplace is changing. A renewed emphasis on a work/life balance has led to the rise of remote working. One of the main characteristics of a digital workplace is the ability to collaborate with a dispersed team in real time. Powering that collaboration is a unified communication platform that is anchored on a Hosted PBX solution. 

The integration of all enterprise communication services in one ecosystem provides the flexibility to your employees that rewards your business with better productivity. 

Improved internet speeds and the advancement of 5G technology makes it easier to deploy a unified communications solution. Tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack provides the essential features of a UC platform out of the box. By plugging your Unified Communications platform to a Hosted PBX, you will put the final piece into your digital transformation puzzle.

IP Telecom's integration with Microsoft Teams, Telecom4Teams, allows you to integrate your Microsoft office tools with your phone system in a unified solution. The integration enables individual users to call and send internal messages within their organisation, make outbound calls and share files on the same platform.

83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by the end of 2020 according to the Cloud Vision 2020 report conducted by LogicMonitor; businesses communication tools must align with the transformation. Hosted PBX is the next-generation communication solution that brings your business to the digital era. As a business, the SAAS model of pricing is cost-effective, and the self-management tools enables you to fit your communications system migration into your organisation's digital transformation strategy.

The future is digital, and the tools and there to migrate your phone system to the cloud effortlessly. A free telephone system audit lets you examine how well-positioned your company is to meet the demands of the digital age; this allows a business to create a strategy with an action plan to future-proof your company’s communication platform.

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