5 Must Have Features of Business VoIP You Can Expect When Switching To A VoIP Provider

Major Features of Business VoIP

A growing number of businesses are grappling with the decision to implement new telephone systems based on voice over IP (VoIP) technology. However, while the primary goal is generally saving money, there are a wide variety of features and functions that must also be considered. This report provides a quick guide to the top five most common services that you should expect from a VoIP-based business phone system.

Feature #1: Call Routing and Forwarding

Call routing and forwarding connects employees in the company no matter what their level or standing is. This is probably the number one must-have feature since it connects everybody wherever they are. This feature in most cases would support forwarding of calls from the office to mobile phones, in the form of voicemail, texts and email. This method removes the need for giving out personal cell numbers or extensions and creates fast secure connections.

Feature #2: Data Integration Linking

Another feature that is high on the list of must-haves for business VoIP is data integration linking. Using data inference methodologies, integration linking integrates CRM (customer relationship management), sales cycle methodology and inventory systems. When choosing this option, it is advantageous to choose a provider who can offer an inbound screen showing the customer’s complete relationship history. A sales associate is better equipped to close a deal when this is visible.

Feature #3: Auto-Attendants and Automated Call Distribution

Auto-attendants and automated call distribution route calls to available agents or standard greetings, options for voicemail or directory services. In a busy call center environment, this is a must when callers do not expect to wait beyond three rings. Enhancements to this system can route calls to specialist technicians faster and with backup options, ensuring that the customer is connected to someone who can help.

Feature #4: Audio and Video Conferencing

Audio and video conferencing has become commonplace for cost-conscious companies. With Business VoIP, video is easily added to a voice call, enhancing the face-to-face aspect. Add to this the facility of a public Web conference, and this is another shot in the arm for sales since it raises the visibility of the company, while garnering more potential prospects.

Feature #5: Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR)

Interactive voice recognition (IVR) technology supports directory services and automated directory access and call routing. At this stage of maturity, these services have a high degree of accuracy and can route callers to the correct person with fewer errors and faster connections. These services are widely used by government agencies and high-tech companies that wish to leave a good impression.


Business VoIP can make or break a company in today’s arena. It is no longer an option to rely on legacy equipment and people to run it. Apart from the fact that good VoIP systems are relatively inexpensive to install, since they run on existing networks, several features of VoIP are vital enhancements that make a real difference to the bottom line.

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