Why should I upgrade my business phone system?

With more and more Irish businesses switching to Voice Over Internet (VoIP) calling, you may be researching an upgrade for your own company. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider upgrading your business phone system to VoIP.

1. You have an outdated phone system

Businesses run into trouble when outdated hardware needs to be repaired, or even replaced as the technology in it may be obsolete. With VoIP, we take those worry right out of your hands with an entirely cloud-based infrastructure that will never go out of date or require any maintenance from you.

2. Your business is growing

Another reason to think about upgrading is if you've outgrown your current system, perhaps running out of room to add new users and being unable to handle your incoming call volume.

Upgrading to a hosted system will prepare you for business growth well into the future, by removing the need to get more and more phone lines installed every time the business grows. With a VoIP solution from IP Telecom, you can add and remove users at will with minimal additional costs!

3. You have multiple locations

If you're tired of having to deal with multiple phone numbers and unconnected systems for your businesses' different locations, IP Telecom's VoIP is the best choice for upgrading.

With IP Telecom, you will be able to have all of your locations on one phone system, fully connected with the same numbers, and to avail of free internal calls from any device, anywhere through our softphone app. To add to this, if you are moving locations, VoIP hardware can be plugged out of one location and plugged into another!

4. You have remote workers

If you have remote workers and are using an older phone system you may be calling your remote employees from landline to their mobile - incurring costs as you do. Why not add their mobile to your phone system?

By upgrading to an IP Telecom business class VoIP, you will be able to install our softphone apps on desktops, tablets and phones, so whether you step out of the office for a moment, or work from home everyday, you'll always be connected with the same work number and features you'd enjoy at your desk.

5. You need new functionality

Technology is constantly changing, and customers and team members expect more and more features to function as an effective, modern business. Don't get stuck buying new hardware and software every time you need to add call recording, video conferencing, forwarding, holding or the like. Get a phone system that can change with your needs, and has all of these features and dozens of others already built in.

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