"IP Telecom have proven in my opinion why they are leading the field in what they do with a product that is reliable and simply works".

Company Details:

Your Name:

Mark Flanagan

Your Title (i.e. Business Owner, Director etc)

IT Manager

Your Company Name:

Vision Consulting Ltd

Industry Sector (nature of your business) 


How many employees do you have?


How long have you been in business?

32 years

Project Manager Details:

Who is your internal Project Manager:

 IP Telecom Contact Team assigned: 

Josip, Kelly and Shena

Background Information:

How did you hear about IP Telecom?

Web research

What was the main factor(s) that influenced your decision to move to IP Telecom?

Cost reduction on both telephony and conferencing.

What was the biggest advantage to IP Telecom? (eg Cost savings, Line rental eliminated, state of the art technology etc)

Cost savings:

Removal of high conference call costs,

Able to house one phone system in Ireland and the UK with no additional hardware costs

Working out of two main sites Ireland and the UK the use of a mobile phone app allows my 30 users to communicate more easily especially while roaming in various places like the UK, USA, Sweden and as far as China to name a few and at no extra cost to the company.

Results / Outcome:

How would you rate the Project Management / Account Management of the overall project?

We had a fairly standard enough requirement which allowed us to have a reasonably simple setup in different locations. We ironed out the few creases before we even started and then all went well with the help of Josip, Kelly and Shena, with very little downtime.

How would you rate the performance level of the team members assigned to this project?

The few people i did have to deal with mostly from the support side of things where knowledgeable and professional and you got your responses back quiet quickly which is always important.

What are your overall thoughts on Voice over IP?

I am well used to VoIP from previous experiences of telecoms and its a reliable service that has yet to let me down.


What are the key benefits you have experienced since moving to IP Telecom?

We are still in the infancy of this move so yet to see my costs but over the next short period I hope to see the reduction in both telephony and conference costs and with the help of the phone APP.

What would you say to someone who has never heard of Voice over IP and/or who may be interested in learning more about IP Telecom?

Moving to a single phone system in the cloud for both our Irish and UK operations has almost instant costs savings by not only removing our legacy PBX but also the expensive maintenance costs that came with, and in doing so has future proofed us going forward. With the introduction of the phone APP it has an even bigger impact, having multiple users travel the world allows us to almost eliminate our huge conference call costs and greatly help reduce our roaming costs. IP Telecom have proven in my opinion why they are leading the field in what they do with a product that is reliable and simply works, with the backing of a very knowledgeable and professional after sales team. If you are looking at moving to VoIP then look no further than IP Telecom.

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