RCPI transitions to remote working with IPT for Microsoft Teams solution

Posted by Tai Aderemi on Mar 12, 2021 9:24:15 AM

Royal College of Physicians of Ireland is an Irish professional body that delivers postgraduate training to medical professionals. They offer training programmes, examinations, diplomas and educational courses. RCPI required the ideal solution to facilitate their transition to remote working and connect their disperse teams.

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The Solution

IPT Hosted Phone
IPT for Teams

RCPI's migration to IP Telecom was completed within 2 weeks. RCPI's existing phone numbers were ported to IP Telecom's network.

IPT for Teams was deployed to all 89 users' devices. For desk-based, on-site users, IP Telecom provided handsets to facilitate their way of working.


The Results

Cloud-based PBX
Remote enabled

The roll-out of IP Telecom’s IPT Hosted phone system was seamless with zero downtime.  It provided us with a cost-effective solution for greater collaboration, and connection, between our dispersed teams and ensures we can carry on business as usual in a remote environment.

Alan O'Mahony | RCPI

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