"I liked what IP Telecom was offering, and we were given a recommendation that IP Telecom were very good, Also my dealings with them had been top notch."

Company Details:


Joady Sinnott

Title (i.e. Business Owner, Director etc)

IT & Software Development

Company Name:

ASA Marketing Group

Industry Sector (nature of your business) 

IT and Marketing

How many employees do you have?


How long have you been in business?


Project Manager Details:

Who is your internal Project Manager:

Myself on this project

 IP Telecom Contact Team assigned:


Background Information:

How did you hear about IP Telecom?

Recommended by a Networking acquaintance in Dublin.

What was the main factor(s) that influenced your decision to move to IP Telecom?

I spent a year researching this and in the end I liked what IP Telecom was offering, the cost was competitive and we were given a recommendation that IP Telecom were very good. Also my dealings with them had been top notch.

What was the biggest advantage to IP Telecom? (eg Cost savings, Line rental eliminated, state of the art technology etc)

They deal with business only so the chances of getting residential type support was reduced. IP Telecom’s plan to manage the transition was solid and the good personnel who had the confidence to lay out their offering without feeling the need to hard sell.

Results / Outcome:

How would you rate the Project Management / Account Management of the overall project?

The project has been incredibly smooth. There are obviously a lot of great people at IP Telecom who really know what they are doing

How would you rate the performance level of the team members assigned to this project?

Fantastic. Everyone has been amazingly helpful and any issues or questions were dispatched quickly and efficiently

What are your overall thoughts on Voice over IP?

We are a tech forward company and VoIP just makes so much sense for us. And outside of the obvious cost benefit, we are already benefiting from the freedom to integrate into our CRM system. Were thrilled with it.


What are the key benefits you have experienced since moving to IP Telecom?

Great sound quality

wonderful customer service

A fantastic portal which allows us to manage everything ourselves

API allows integration into our in house built CRM. We already have people making calls direct from our website and everyone can see who in the company is on a call at all times on our website.

We are currently preparing a module that will let us track every call and include that in our customer contact section so that we always know how often a customer has been contacted and by whom

What would you say to someone who has never heard of Voice over IP and/or who may be interested in learning more about IP Telecom?

Jump aboard and don’t look back. It sounds better, is much cheaper and offers a world of possibilities to grow your use of the system over time. IP Telecom are a wonderful company to guide you through this process and their technology is of the highest calibre.

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