It’s "international get to know your customer day" today (January 18th) and we at IP Telecom are hugely in favour of knowing our customers and helping them to get to know their customers even better.


The key to good knowledge of your customers, so that you can provide great customer service is communication. VoIP-based phone systems such as IP Telecom’s Smart PBX can help you revolutionise your customer communications, especially when combined with our amazing Call Centre product.


VoIP is a key technology in driving how virtual business phone solutions can address the evolving dynamics of the remote workplace when combined with a Hybrid working model. Nearly all businesses run some kind of hybrid working model, whilst some companies are looking to get workers back into the office more this year, according to a survey by Hays, 58% are happy keeping the model as it is for 2024.

Virtual business phone solutions provide an adaptable and effective communication infrastructure allowing geographically dispersed teams to maintain great customer communications. No matter if they’re in the office, on the road or working remotely, customers and colleagues can stay in contact, all under a single contact reference point. For example, when I’m remote working, if someone calls me my desk phone in the office rings, as do the softphones on my laptop and mobile. I’m always available.


But clever call queuing and call handling allow my calls to go to colleagues if I’m already on a call. This is just one small part of what can be done when your business utilises call centre technology. As a leading provider of call centre technology in Ireland, IP Telecom can help you design call flows that meet and exceed what your customers are looking for in terms of contact levels. If you run a larger call centre operation, call monitoring can help ensure that call centre administrators can monitor and enhance the calibre of customer interactions. Plus, with the capability for administrators to listen in on live calls instantaneous insights into the quality of customer support interactions or if there are larger scale issues that need to be highlighted.


VoIP also gives you the capability to integrate your calling with your CRM systems. By integrating your calling with the likes of Salesforce and Zoho, you can develop fully automated outcomes and workflows for customers and potential customers – allowing you to take Customer Experience (CX) to the next level. IP Telecom’s hosted phone system allows you to provide a fully integrated voice solution for Salesforce, the full suite of Zoho appas and if you’re using Zendesk for your support team we provide a fully native integration with that too. Using multiple systems - combine loads of integrated processes with IPT Connect.


What’s even better with our new Essentials pricing model, technologies such as these are open to companies of any scale. From SMEs to full enterprise companies, IP Telecom is opening up great customer-focused tech solutions to companies throughout Ireland. Why not take the opportunity to look at what we can do for you, or get in touch with our sales team for a commitment-free chat about how we can help you supercharge your customer services and get to know your customers in 2024?

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