Blueface was one of the leading providers of VoIP services in Ireland, but as of today (July 22nd, 2024) the company has announced to its customers that it will cease services on Tuesday, October 22nd this year. So, if you are currently a Blueface customer, after that date you won't have a telephone service, and no-one wants to leave these things to the last minute, so - with the clock ticking on the Blueface shutdown, let’s look at how you can quickly and seamlessly make the move to IP Telecom.


As you know, having moved to Blueface, VoIP is the modern, convenient way of handling your business phone calls – but you’ll also know that switching your business phone system provider is a more straightforward process than many people think. And switching to a dedicated, Irish-based business-to-business telephony provider like IP Telecom is the best decision you’ll make today.


Making the move to IP Telecom is super simple – here’s five reasons why:

  1. Like Blueface was at the start, we’re 100% Irish owned and operated – unlike Blueface however, we intend to remain that way and keep providing the best in business telephony, from our base in Dublin to our customers now and into the future.
  2. We’re super resilient – our local data centres and business only network ensure exceptional call quality, every time – doing telecoms right is the foundation that our company is built on
  3. We’ve got all the features that your existing Blueface Phone System has – and then some! If you’re a Microsoft company you’ll know that Microsoft Teams connectivity is really, really important – Blueface only started doing this recently, but IP Telecom has been integrating with Teams since 2018, and Skype for Business before that, and Microsoft Lync before that, way back to 2010 in fact – nobody in Ireland has more experience than IP Telecom in integrating Telephony with Microsoft.
  4. Need great connectivity? We can support your business with dedicated Business Broadband as well as your telephony, and integrate with all your favourite existing software
  5. Thousands of Existing Irish Business Customers – with Tens of Thousands of users – with an exceptional track record of delivering the solutions that Irish businesses need we’re one of the leading Irish telecoms providers out there. And because we’re 100% business telephony focused, we’re all about your business


OK so you’re ready to make the move – here’s how to do so in five simple steps:

  1. Call us or drop us a line to – don’t worry, we’re not pushy salespeople, our team are more like your friendly telephony consultants who will give you the best deal for the sort of business you are, and find the product best fit for you
  2. Tell us about your business – where it is and where you want it to be – this will help us shape the right fit for you and your business
  3. Tell us how your current Blueface system works – we’ll replicate this, and even make it work better for you, with our straightforward, easy to use phone system – and if you’re using Blueface and other products (such as on-premise PBX systems), we’ll streamline it into a simple easy to use system that works across all your premises and branches.
  4. Tell us what hardware (deskphones, other devices and CRMs etc) you have currently, most of the time we can just reprogramme your existing devices and swap out softphones – we don’t believe in damaging the planet by insisting on new devices nor supplying you with free ones that are redundant or not up to scratch in six months time
  5. Tell us what your phone numbers and extensions are – we’ll take care of the porting, hassle free – and if you need additional numbers just let us know


Then just sit back and relax – our specialist technicians will build your phone system around your needs and following testing (and product training) we’ll cut over to your brand-new IP Telecom phone system at a time that works for you


Want to know what someone who moved to us already from Blueface said? Read on


“Castlebridge has always been a ‘connected work’ hybrid business. The move to fully remote working in 2020 caused us to look for a suitable vendor and we found IP Telecom. The onboarding was efficient, support has been responsive, and we now have integrated calling, an effective IVR, and direct integration into our back-office systems all via the Microsoft Teams interface. And the total cost, for an all-round better service, is still less than we were paying our previous provider”.

Darragh O Brien | Managing Director | Castlebridge | Moved to IP Telecom from Blueface in 2021


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