At IP Telecom we're all about connectivity and ensuring that businesses, colleagues and customers are always connected. But at the same time, we're also all about the right to disconnect - an essential part of our daily lives that prevents the lines between working time and personal time becoming blurred. Ensuring that happy, healthy and rested staff are available to talk to customers, the work is still done and the workplace - in office or remote - is a positive place for all, helping to recruit and retain staff.


Our products and services are there to help companies ensure that they aren't overburdening staff with out-of-hours calls, maintain their service level and be compliant with EU and Irish legislation from the Workplace Relations Commission.


In this interview with Olive Keogh of The Irish Times, Shena Brien, CEO of IP Telecom discusses how we can assist companies with this challenge, how we ensure our colleagues are taking the time due to them and some of the pitfalls of not being compliant with the guidelines. 

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