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“Be prepared to take risks. I didn’t learn this one until I was halfway through my journey and genuinely would not have been where I am today if I hadn’t finally taken a risk”.

In a recent interview for Authority Magazine's “Women Of The C-Suite” Shena Brien, co-founder and CEO of IP Telecom speaks on her journey to becoming CEO. Shena brings nearly three decades of expertise in the European telecommunications industry to her role, steering the company towards innovation while maintaining a customer-centric approach.


Shena’s Journey: From Network Controller to CEO

Shena's career began at Aerlingus as a network controller, where her passion for computing and network design blossomed. After a redundancy, she joined Leap Broadband, gaining diverse experience and meeting her future co-founder, Brian Chamberlain. Together, they envisioned revolutionising VoIP technology, leading to the founding of IP Telecom in 2010.

Early in IP Telecom’s journey, Shena faced the tough decision of hiring staff versus maintaining financial stability. Choosing to hire their first employee, Joe Bartley, to manage billing, was a turning point that allowed the company to grow and eventually achieve financial stability.

Shena emphasises that being a CEO is far from glamorous. It involves long hours, constant availability, and a wide range of responsibilities beyond just signing papers and attending fancy events.

Read the full article here.

Under Shena’s leadership, IP Telecom continues to thrive, pushing technological boundaries while maintaining a customer-centric approach. Her journey is a testament to the power of risk-taking, perseverance, and innovation in driving success.

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