At IP Telecom we believe strongly that AI is there to help you make the most of your business processes, but it'll never replace the human touch in communications. Nobody wants to get to a "computer says no" situation when it comes to interactions between businesses and their customers, it's bad for the business and it's a poor customer experience. At the same time, the value that a chatbot can bring to helping guide someone to the right solution to an issue within a help guide online is here to stay and large language models such as Chat GPT can assist you when it comes to drafting something, but again it won't replace something that has the human touch to it. 


What's been called AI now has been around for a long time in the world of telecoms, IVR, or interactive voice response has been around for decades, pressing different keys to get different departments of a business, call transcriptions and recording, integrations with CRM and other systems and more. AI has been a feature in particular of the call centre world for some time, but what you do to make the most of it to assist your agents is vital for a great customer experience.


In this interview with Niall Kitson of Tech Radio (at 17.10), Robin Russell, CCO of IP Telecom discusses how to make the most of AI when it comes to phone system automation, call centres and how dedicated business-to-business telecom providers such as IP Telecom can assist companies with their AI implementation for telecoms, and how to ensure your customers are getting a great level of service that makes the most of AI opportunities whilst retaining the all-important human edge.

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