Working from home has become commonplace as companies continue to adapt to changes to business operations brought upon by the pandemic. While the verdict is that remote work will remain a permanent fixture in work-life, it's unlikely that most companies will implement a full-remote model of work.

As businesses begin to devise a plan for their workplace after the pandemic, employers and employees alike are unified in their hybrid working option preference.

Over half of the people surveyed in the UK are in favour of hybrid work. In Ireland, the figure is even higher, with over 80% expressing a hybrid model preference.


Planning for a hybrid workplace with the right tech

The hybrid work option offers the best of both world to businesses and their employees: the work-life flexibility of remote working and the benefits of in-office collaborations.

Adopting the right tech to bridge the gap between these two working options is crucial in ensuring success in implementing new working practices - this is where unified communications come in.

hybrid working is the fuureThe verdict is out: hybrid working is the preferred, practical choice

What is UCaaS, and how does it work?

UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service) delivers a single, cloud-based platform that includes messaging, team collaboration, telephony (powered by VoIP), and video conferencing.

UCaaS is designed to offer flexibility and scalability to businesses, which is why it is fast becoming a must-have for modern businesses.

UCaaS is the perfect solution for Hybrid Work

UCaaS allows companies to connect all their employees, irrespective of their location and device choice. The core features of a UCaaS solution ensures that all employees have the tools they need to collaborate effectively with team members, reducing the potential silos between in-office and remote teams.

Some of the biggest benefits of UCaaS for hybrid work include:

Cost Control

UCaaS is device-agnostic, which essentially allows your employees to use the devices they already own. They can use their desktop computer, laptop, tablet or even a smartphone for their communication needs. This reduces upfront costs and saves on new investment in tech tools.

Bring your own device (BYOD)

The BYOD model enables all users to use their choice of device anywhere, ensuring that all employees enjoy the same functionality and experience as they would in an office setting. UCaaS Solutions (such as IPT One) are device-agnostic so users can choose their favourite devices (Mac or PC, Android or iOS) and the functionality is the same no matter what the chosen platform is. BYOD also significantly reduces CAPEX as existing devices can be segmented and reused as easy as downloading an app to a phone.


Probably the biggest benefit to Hybrid Work is that UCaaS allows everyone on your team to be connected to the same communication hub, regardless of location. No matter where they are, your employees can share data and information in real-time. 


UCaaS can improve productivity by eliminating the need for multiple communications platform or pieces of software.

With a cloud phone acting as the central hub for all communications, all other tools for file sharing, chat, conferencing, and screen sharing can be consolidated in a single cloud communications environment, allowing employees to collaborate and communicate better, saving significant time and money in the process.

Reduce administration time

Fewer systems mean less time spent managing said systems. This will ultimately reduce labour costs for system administration - which means your IT team can focus on other areas of your business.

Bridge gap between silos

One of the challenges of the new work environment is the creation of silos in businesses. Where there are siloes, information is often lost, and the communication breakdown can have an adverse effect on service deliveryUCaaS consolidates all communications so that everyone can connect in the same combined environment. 

When all conversations are in the same place, teams are aligned, and the result is uniformity in service delivery and an increase in employee engagement.

Better customer experience and potential revenue growth

UCaaS platform allows businesses to integrate their CRMs(Customer Relationship Management) tools with their cloud phone system. This provides your staff with the tools to deliver tailored communications to your customers - ensuring single-call resolutions of enquiries and identifying new business opportunities.

With communications barriers lifted, dispersed teams can collaborate to solve problems for customers or deliver new services for prospects.


happy worker fist bumpingWhen teams are connected, company values are aligned

Enable your team to adapt to hybrid work

For businesses looking to transition from mandated remote work to a working model that best aligns with their business operations, UCaaS solutions provide a cost-saving, efficient cloud communications environment that connects dispersed teams and enhances hybrid work.

With unified communications, businesses can bridge the gap between their remote and in-office staff to ensure a healthy company culture, increase employee engagement, and enhance productivity.

To echo the sentiments of Richard Branson, if you enable your employees with the right tools and create a healthy work environment, it will empower them to provide a better customer experience to your customers, which would lead to much-needed growth in this current business environment.


IPT One: Designed for the modern workplace

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