It’s January, it’s gloomy weather and on top of that it’s Friday the 13th, so you’re probably focused on making it through the day without any bad luck. But instead of worrying about superstition, why not take this day as an opportunity to invest in your phone system? Here are five reasons why Friday the 13th is a great day to get a great new phone system:


  1. Increased Productivity – A new phone system can help your business become more productive by allowing employees to quickly and easily make and receive calls, forward calls, and access their voicemails. This can save your staff time and help them get their work done faster.
  1. Improved Security – With a new phone system, you can ensure that your business’s communications are secure by taking advantage of features such as call encryption and secure conference calling.
  1. Lower Costs – Investing in a new phone system can save your business money in the long run. It can help you reduce costs associated with local and international calls, equipment maintenance, and other expenses such as line rental. In fact with IP Telecom, local call charges in Ireland don’t exist – reducing bills even further.
  1. Enhanced Customer Service – A new phone system can help you to provide better customer service by allowing you to quickly and easily make and receive calls, forward calls, and access voicemails. This can help you to provide faster resolution times and better customer satisfaction, especially when integrated with your regular CRM software via our IPT Connect platform.
  1. Scalability – A new phone system can easily scale with your business, allowing you to add additional lines, features, and services as needed. This can help your business grow without having to invest in a completely new system. And with the portability that a phone system such as IP Telecom’s brings, new offices and countries can be added seamlessly all under a single phone system instance.


So don’t let superstition stop you from investing in a new phone system on Friday the 13th. Take advantage of this day and upgrade your phone system for increased productivity, improved security, lower costs, enhanced customer service, and scalability.

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