This week our CEO Shena Brien appeared in Comms Dealer magazine to discuss the latest Trends in Telecoms and some of the news from the world of IP Telecom including our six million euro investment boost from Development Capital, and our recent acquisition of Centrecom Systems in a deal that adds capabilities in Wi-Fi, voice and IT solutions. 


In the interview, Shena shared insights into strategic thinking, the pivotal moments that have defined IP Telecom's trajectory and how her strategic vision and leadership priorities are helping shape the future of B2B ICT provision in Ireland. With a degree in electronic engineering and a passion for ICT, Shena embarked on a career that would ultimately lead her to co-found IP Telecom. Recognising the potential for innovation in the telecom industry, Shena and her co-founder, Brian Chamberlain, set out to address the growing demand for high-quality telecommunications solutions in Ireland.


Find out more about how Shena and IP Telecom are leading the way when it comes to developing great, robust solutions for business, growing an indigenous tech firm that puts people first and why she believes that: 

"Our industry lacks self-promotion and IT professionals deserve to be esteemed alongside the likes of doctors and lawyers".

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