Why reviewing your phone system and PBX should be central to your re-opening plans


The businesses that will survive and thrive in a post-COVID-19 world are those willing to use the adoption of technology to tackle the challenges posed by the disruption to business activity due to the pandemic. Companies need to devise a plan to improve business processes, equip their staff with the right tools to excel with the changes in workplace practices and service delivery.

For businesses lucky enough to operate in the current climate, there has been a considerable shift into how daily operations are conducted, highlighting areas for improvement and need for digital adoption.

The coronavirus restrictions has proven to be a catalyst for digital transformation. Powering this transformation is cloud technology; how a business adopts cloud technology, and utilise the tools at their disposal, will greatly impact operational efficiency, and aid a business with meeting its goals.

Many business stakeholders are in the process of devising their re-opening plans to comply with government guidelines and enable their staff with the tools to stay connected, safe and productive. 

The advent of remote working has meant that it's a business necessity to have a communication solution that connects your teams, grants access to customers and clients, and maintain quality customer service to keep up with the demands of a modern world.

What most businesses need now more than ever is peace of mind. Your business phone system must be future-ready, easy-to-manage and mobile-enabled to power you on the road to recovery. To ensure this, here are some key features and considerations to forge ahead and stay ahead:

shutterstock_1252366813Off-site or On-site, teams need the right tools to stay connected


Mobility and accessibility for your remote teams:

A modern business' phone system needs to be accessible to all team members, easy to manage remotely, with an intuitive web interface. Admin can make adjustments to call flows, out-of-office hours, set up conferences and adjust individual extensions with little to no technical expertise needed.

IPT Hosted Phone solutions come with easy to deploy softphone integrations, that lets employees bring their own devices, and work from anywhere, making it a crucial tool in our new workplace reality.


Integrate your CRM with your phone system to produce results that staff and customers love

If your business uses CRM to help manage customer communication, then it is essential to review how to integrate this with your phone system. The modern customer is digital, so it's imperative to meet them at their point of need. By offering quick resolutions to queries with readily-available customer information, a business can easily improve customer experience.  

An API-driven phone system lets you integrate your CRM with your phone system, equipping your staff the tools to deliver, which features such as:

  • Click-to-dial 
  • Call pop-ups to show who is calling.
  • Contextual calling to know why an inbound call is calling before you answer.
  • Improved analytics to help you get most from your team
  • GDPR-compliant hub to keep customer records 

shutterstock_729605338Stay disaster ready and run your business with peace of mind

Stay disaster ready

What the coronavirus lockdown has taught us all is that businesses can't afford to have inadequate business continuity strategy in place. Whether its a global pandemic that prevents your staff from accessing their desks, or a natural disaster, a phone system must be capable of providing multiple fail-over options. IPT Hosted solutions can automatically re-route phone calls to other locations if service gets disrupted. 

The softphone-enabled solutions are readily available as an alternative to desk phones, needing only a few tweaks and configurations to power up your team, and keep business communication running as usual with minimal downtime.

This is the time for businesses to evaluate existing phone systems and make sure they meet the requirements and demands of business processes post-COVID-19. 

IPT for Teams is an ideal solution for businesses looking to enhance and transform their telephony. If your business is already using Microsoft Office, then IPT for Teams is a perfect solution that allows you to connect your existing PBX at a per-user cost, which means you can scale up or down at your own pace.

Out with the old

For small businesses looking to make the migration to VoIP,  this is the time to do it. As many are now aware of the limitations of legacy phone systems. With PSTN set to become obsolete by 2025, an investment in an Hosted PBX guarantees your phone system is future-ready. The added bonus is that small businesses can do-away with expensive phone lines and pay for what they actually use - this is because Hosted PBX solutions allows a business to consolidate all phone lines into a single software, which allows multiple users to handle calls concurrently. 

The SaaS model of Hosted PBX means a business can add users according to the requirements of the organisation, at no cost, without committing to long-time spending with a flexible subscription.

shutterstock_289273250Start as you mean to go on with Hosted PBX


Manage virtual offices and connect global teams

For large enterprises coronavirus has meant that teams are more dispersed than ever. With international restrictions, businesses with a global presence can connect their teams irrespective of their location in one central, manageable communication hub. Teams Staff are provided with a short extension code to make outbound calls to their colleagues for free. Telecommuting is the future of work and a modern phone system is needed to enable staff working off-site.


IP Telecom - enabling business continuity

IP Telecom's suite of products are designed for businesses looking to migrate to cloud telephony. Our team is equipped to onboard businesses remotely and provide the training and guidance for admin staffs to self-manage their solution.

Whatever the requirement or network infrastructure, there is a product for you. To arrange a free consultation and telephony audit, contact our sales team: 01 687 7777, sales@iptelecom.ie

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