Is your current on-premise PBX quickly going out of date?

Or is your business growing so quickly that adding more users to your current PBX is proving a hassle?  

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re already considering a move to VoIP or switching your provider, so let’s take a look at why you should be thinking about moving your business’ telephony to the cloud.

Is your business running into telephony issues?

Companies who have an on-premise PBX are more than likely to have spent a lot of money on their hardware, as well as paying someone to maintain it. So what happens when the technology becomes obsolete? Do you invest in technology that starts to age when it’s taken out of the box or do you move to VoIP, eliminating the cost of new servers and the support contract that comes along with it?

Another issue you may be facing is business growth - great for your business, but with every new hire, there comes the need to get them into the company directory and set-up a new user on your telephone system.

How VoIP can eliminate those issues

By moving from an on-premise PBX to the cloud, you remove the need for bulky and expensive servers. All you need is an IP ready telephone on your desks - and if you don’t want them, you can invest in softphones for desktop, tablets and mobiles! On top of this, you can also manage your own systems through IP Telecom’s web portal, so no need for costly support contracts.

Now let’s look at business growth. Your business is booming, calls are coming in and you need more staff to lighten the load. Congrats! But there’s a problem, you need to call your support service to set these new employees up on your telephony system. If you had VoIP, all you’d need to do is order a pre-provisioned phone from your provider, set-up the new user on your own web portal, plug in the phone and voilá!

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