Big businesses have used call centres to handle high volumes of customer communications for decades. Now, no matter the size of your enterprise, you can as well. Whether you want to run your office with the efficiency of a larger organisation, or you’d like to grow to become one, here are 6 ways a cloud-based call centre can help you achieve those results. 

  1. Launch quickly, scale as needed: A major upgrade to your telecommunication sounds like a bit of a hassle. How long will it take? What will you have to do in the meantime? With the zero-downtime options available through IP Telecom, you won't even notice until your new phones are ready to go. Moving to the cloud also means you can upgrade or downsize your call centers almost instantly, without worrying about adding new lines or what to do with your extra ones.
  2. Focus on your customers: Your business has a personal feel that customers love. However, you might worry that launching a new call centre will leave you managing the technology and hardware rather than the people who use it. With our Hosted PBX, there’s nothing to worry about! Entirely cloud-based systems free you from your outdated call infrastructure leaving you to focus on the part of your business that matters most - the people.
  3. Never miss a call: Call centres have a bit of a reputation as a place where callers tensions run high when they don’t get the answers or attention they need. Missing calls because of outages, disconnections and other failures only makes it worse. However, IP Telecom’s automatic failover guarantees that calls remain in your queue. Even better, broadband-based phone service guarantees that even in a total blackout you'll still have options for answering your phones.
  4. Unite your workforce: If you have multiple locations, you might have multiple call-centres and phone numbers as well. Cloud-Based PBX lets all of your locations be part of the same phone system and even share the same number. Employees working from home, remotely, or who are simply unable to make it into the office that day are able to call in from their mobile device with our soft-phone app, using their same work extension and office calling tools. In fact, letting your team members work from home generally improves their results, allowing you to take more calls with even less work from you!
  5. Know how you’re performing: How can you expand or improve your business if you only assess how your call-centres performing every few weeks - or even months? With our virtual dashboard, you can see live and historic metrics any time, helping you to identify opportunities or shortfalls as they happen.
  6. Keep up with your customers: Today’s fast-paced, on-the-go consumers have certain expectations for how quickly and easily they can get through to the businesses they call. Likewise, employees in your call-centre must be able to quickly and efficiently reach each other to find answers or transfer calls. The average call-centre employees spends an hour and 45 minutes per day having to connect with callers multiple times, answering calls intended for someone else, catching up on calls they missed and making more than one attempt to reach coworkers. VoIP fixes all of these issues, instantly increasing their productivity by 23%.


Don’t wait until the opportunity passes to make your move - let IP Telecom bring you to the front of the crowd!  

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