Hosted PBX + Microsoft Teams

For enterprise subscribers, it’s as simple as connecting Teams to your IP Telecom phone system, then adding as many users as you want to call from any device, in any location. You’ll receive a new dialpad for your system, then seamlessly make phone calls and experience the groundbreaking benefits of combining Microsoft Teams with VoIP calling.

  • Make and receive calls directly from Office 365
  • Integrate with Teams, Shifts, OneDrive and other Microsoft applications
  • Rely on your system to prevent call-failures and avoid outages
  • Secure and assign individual phone numbers for 1 - 10,000 users
  • Call from a variety of devices, including PCs, VoIP Phones and others

How does it work


Telecom4Teams works with your existing office platform and phone system for a seamless experience. See if yours qualifies.


Seamlessly integrate our cloud-based software matter of hours with ongoing support from our team of experts.


Save money from day one, adding as many devices as you need and taking advantage of user-specific call management.

Even better? There’s no training required, with our intuitive, easy-to-use interface letting you start work immediately.


Ready to get ahead of the competition? See if you qualify!

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