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IP Telecom Case study on SureSkills' VoIP integration


The Company

SureSkills is a world leader in delivering sophisticated technology, knowledge and learning solutions to complex and challenging client requirements. Their four divisions of Training & Certification, Consulting Services, Learning Services and Resource Placement deliver blended solutions to support their customer needs.

With four locations globally, Peter Branagh and his team are able to support their clients quickly and efficiently with proven learning & knowledge-based solutions and support services across a wide range of enterprise enablement activities.

Peter Branagh

The Challenge

Before SureSkills moved to a VoIP Solution, they were using different providers and different systems for their multiple locations. Obviously, this was not at all ideal for an established multi-location company - they had no remote access to fix any issues, they had no internal extensions, which meant they were making international calls to their other offices, and they were paying a high amount for support contracts. There was no option for them to administrate their own systems.


“Our maintenance costs were astronomical, our provider charged us a lot to keep it going”

Peter Branagh (pictured), IT Service Desk Engineer

Our Solution

SureSkills invited IP Telecom to tender for the business. Anthony, our Commercial Director, worked alongside Sales Manager, Chris, and created a well-researched response, which won the account.

“Anthony created the tender and showed research into the business. He was also able to provide us with reference sites similar to us so that we could get a better understanding of what IP Telecom could do for our business. Chris did a lot of running around for us too!”

Installation was seamless, SureSkills made sure that the minimum network requirements sent over by IP Telecom were put in place before installation day - and because of this, they were set up and ready to go pretty quickly - IP Telecom engineer Josip visited them to do installation and training, working with Peter & the SureSkills Support team on install day.


It’s like a new world. SureSkills now have all of their locations together under the one telecoms provider, they have internal extensions, and staff can now make calls across their locations free of charge.

SureSkills are now paying 75-80% less on their bills company-wide, have a voicemail manager, and most importantly, the administration over their own system.




Moving to IP Telecom has reduced costs by up to 80%, has given SureSkills freedom over their own telephone system, and access to our IP Telecom Support Team.

“We’ve seen huge savings, the portal is brilliant, I’m able to assign and un-assign numbers as well as configuration. Call groups and pickup groups have made the world of difference! We really liked the pre-planning, and the guys in support are really good, they always get back to me quickly.

“One of my reservations was the call quality of a fully hosted solution, but I spoke to two of IP Telecom’s existing customers, who said there was no change and I’m happy to confirm that’s the case.”

More from the client...

"We're using call flows and it’s been incredible. We’re a 24-hour business so we can easily create call flows for certain times. Previously, all agents had to manually log in and log out every day, but with IP Telecom it’s all automated. It’s great having remote access to the system too. If we need to do something with a phone in another location we can easily do it and even re-boot the hardware remotely."

“We chose IP Telecom for their price, efficiency, the fact they showed research into the tender. Their current customers stood behind the solution, which gave me confidence in IP Telecom. The project management has been perfect, I’ve worked with Chris, Anthony, Josip, Jakub and Annette and they’ve been great."

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