Ireland’s only solution for a "full voice service" with MS Teams

Ireland, Dublin. (February 20th) - Microsoft Teams is one of the fastest growing business apps in Microsoft history available to over 250,000 business in Ireland. In June 2018, Microsoft supported Direct Routing, and as a result, IP Telecom developed a solution for customers and partners needing a full voice service to unify their communications.

Telecom4Teams allows enterprises to use a simple Cloud service to integrate existing infrastructure and services via IP Telecom’s Hosted PBX to provision Microsoft Teams at the drop of a hat. Bringing calling into Teams boosts  productivity by combining all of your communication tools on one platform, where users can access everything. IT departments can enjoy the efficiency of managing one software platform instead of separate collaboration, communication and phone tools for their users.

Telecom4Teams offers the partner channel a great commercial opportunity, a key strength identified by IP Telecoms CTO, Brian Chamberlain.

Telecom4Teams is a unique solution that can be provided to end-user enterprises at a very low cost, and the commercials are a huge attraction to Partners. The feedback from our customers, who we've already rolled this out to, has been extremely positive. They want the simplest and most efficient voice management for their users. And Telecom4Teams offers the capabilities of a telephone straight from Office 365 using our Hosted PBX interface.”

IP Telecom are offering companies a 30-day trial for up to 50 users to start using Telecom4Teams from today.

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IP Telecoms CTO, Brian Chamberlain.

IP Telecoms CTO, Brian Chamberlain



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