Ireland’s first and only cloud-based PCI-DSS compliant payment telephony solution

Ireland, Dublin. (April 24th) - IP Telecom, continuing with its ethos of innovative, strategic partnerships have teamed up with Key IVR to develop a solution that facilitates payment processing in a cloud-based telephony environment; IP Telecom’s new feature in partnership with Key IVR allows businesses to set up an out of hours automated payment that is PCI-compliant.

With IP Telecom’s cloud-based telephony payment solution, in conjunction with Key IVR, a customer’s card information, and other sensitive data, are stored externally in a secure cloud destination; as a result, the impact of a data breach is mitigated in the event of a compromised server.

The risk of data breaches and new GDPR standards for information security means being PCI compliant is more important than ever. 

Key IVR provides secure cloud payment solutions to organisations and contact centers across the globe, protecting hundreds of businesses and their customers. Their diverse payment suite is secure and certified at PCI-DSS v3.2 level 1 by Nettitude, a globally-recognised cyber security quality assessor. Available in 14 languages across 11 currencies, with over €3.5bn in payments processed per annum, Key IVR is also registered with Visa Europe as a QSA assessed service.

IP Telecom’s solution guarantees businesses a secure payment processing feature that is unique in the Telecoms industry, and essential to protect both a business and its customer, as identified by IP Telecom’s Commercial Director, Anthony Tattan.

At IP Telecom we are hugely excited by this partnership; the subject of compliance around secure online payments and out of hours online payment processing in a PCI compliant way is so intricate and potentially perilous for businesses.

"Partnering with Key IVR means we are guaranteed that our customers have iron-clad, 100% secure and PCI compliant online payment processing - fully integrated with their IP Telecom Hosted PBX solution, even for out-of-hours automated payments.

"Everyone involved in the relationship, from the end customer making the payment, to our clients who are processing them, to IP Telecom ourselves - we can all sleep soundly at night in the knowledge that Key IVR are taking care of business for us.

IP Telecom is offering companies a free independent consultation to rate their PCI compliance. For more information, contact Tai Aderemi, P01 517 5710


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