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We spoke to David Flood, Senior Business Development Consultant at IT.ie. He had become familiar with, and impressed by, IP Telecom’s suite of services about three years ago. But it was only when he moved to his latest role, a year ago, that he had a real opportunity to take advantage of our industry-leading products and technical support to enhance his company’s brand.


The Challenge

David’s mandate was simply (if that’s the word) to get the message out there that his company, IT.ie had a unique and hugely beneficial client offering in the IT business sector for small to medium-sized businesses.

David faced a number of very real opportunities.  In a highly populated marketplace, his company now had the chance to differentiate itself from the competition. And a number of both existing and potential clients were ideally placed for IT.ie to present them with IP Telecom’s breakthrough products, which could seriously enhance their business in both measurable and non-measurable ROI.

With the evolution of VoIP and cloud-based systems in the marketplace, companies are far more comfortable with the idea that with our system, once they have a Wi-Fi connection or internet connection, then they’ve got their phone system. And that's key for a lot of businesses especially with the trend towards mobility and agility.

Another vital element, which has become an immense opportunity for David’s company, and his faith in our technical support, revolves around GDPR.

The fact that a client’s telephony and IT solution is GDPR compliant allows David’s sales team to assure their clients that, whilst the old phone system may not tick the boxes, they can now be confident that with our system, they are getting compliance as an automatic checklist approval.

"The fact that you don't really need to be a telecoms provider anymore, that it's part of, and compliments, your IT network, and it's part of an IT strategy, now that's really the key point that we’re trying to get across to our customer base nowadays.

David Flood (pictured), Senior Business Development Consultant

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Our Solution

IT.ie has been able to take full advantage of our integrated approach to VoIP solutions.  The product offering itself is superb as a stand-alone. But more than that, the sales and engineering teams at IT.ie feel more confident knowing that we have in-house developers, who're able to design a bespoke solution specifically tailored to a customer's needs.  

The quality of our staff training been really empowering for the whole team at IT.ie too. It’s given them a deeper understanding of the products, and how to deal with all sorts of situations. But being aware of our comprehensive technical support has also given the team a real boost too. They know that they can always call someone with a positive solution to an issue.  


Their Benefits

Selling a managed VoIP service has helped raise and broaden the market profile of IT.ie. And there’s been an exciting educational component for the team, as they explain to clients, that they no longer need a telecom provider; it can all be achieved as part of their existing IT strategy. 



Naturally, IT.ie recommends our products and support package to their clients for very sound, provable financial and technological reasons. But that recommendation’s based on solid experience too, seeing as they actually use the products, which they’re selling.  And what better testimonial than that.  In a cost analysis, carried out by the team at IT.ie, their investment in IP Telecom has generated an approximate saving of between 40 and 70% on what their similar service usage spend would have been with their previous telecoms provider.

David was impressed that, for both his own company and for his clients, our ultra-reliable systems have far exceeded their expectations. That obviously takes into account, the huge cost saving component, the superior user experience of this VoIP system, and the dependability of its technical support safety net should anything happen (which it seldom does).  But it also makes life easier for the finance department, as we’ve become with a single invoice with everything under one managed solution.   And an added bonus is that a customer’s staff is free to get on with other things, big things, like doing business and building their own brand.   

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