"The support from IP Telecom was first rate. We were installed, trained and operational within a few days. The service is excellent!"

Company Details:

Your Name:

Tom Staunton

Your Title (i.e. Business Owner, Director etc)

Business owner

Your Company Name:

Toyota Liffey Valley

Industry Sector (nature of your business) 

Automotive Retail

How many employees do you have?


How long have you been in business?

6 mnths!

Background Information:

How did you hear about IP Telecom?

Referral from existing customer

What was the main factor(s) that influenced your decision to move to IP Telecom?

-          No requirement for on-site hardware (Cloud)

-          Plug and play installation

-          Local support

-          Integration with Salesforce

-          Simplicity: eg no need for phone lines

-          Features- eg Softphones

-          Lower Cost- eg no line rental, and simple approach to billing

-          Remote systems updates

What was the biggest advantage to IP Telecom? 

-Simplicity, speed and cost

Results / Outcome:

How would you rate the Project Management / Account Management of the overall project?

Highly responsive. With broadband working, the system could be installed and scaled within days.

How would you rate the performance level of the team members assigned to this project?

The support from IP Telecom was first rate. We were installed, trained and operational within a few days. The service is excellent. New hardware often arrives on the day of order and any set-up changes needed can be dealt with remotely by IP Telecom’s telephone based helpdesk. Simple!

What are your overall thoughts on Voice over IP?

Our experience has been faultless. For your own peace of mind, it probably makes sense to have broadband redundancy!


What would you say to someone who has never heard of Voice over IP and/or who may be interested in learning more about IP Telecom?

There have been significant improvements and considerable simplification in phone systems in recent years.

Using an IP solution really does allow you to reduce cost and simplify the administrative part of your business.

IP Telecom have streamlined the product / service to the point that I’m not sure what in the past all the fuss was about.

Toyota Liffey Valley also have 5 softphones installed meaning they can take incoming calls from wherever they are located making their business even more accessible. 

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