IP Telecom is a fantastic and hugely dynamic fast-growing Irish VOIP and telecoms company that is at the forefront of new communications technology in Ireland. We are working with Irish Business since 2010.

Since our inception, we have grown our business customer base to thousands of customers across Ireland and the World. We have multiple POPS in Ireland and are expanding into South Africa and planning a rollout in the Asia Pacific soon. Our goal is to achieve massive growth while challenging the existing telecoms business model. We love APIS, and we love putting as much power into the customers' hands as possible!

What’s the role?

We run a large distributed telecoms system: you’ll be responsible for helping to keep it running at optimal levels. Our telecoms stack runs CouchDB, FreeSwitch, Kamailio/ OpenSIPS, MariaDB Cluster and messaging is done by RabbitMQ. 

We use Juniper and Cisco on our core network. We run Debian and CentOS. We heavily implement Virtualisation and Software-Defined Storage.

The role is to manage our engineering department which has its primary focus on our Linux based VoIP systems. You will facilitate bi-weekly engineering meetings: we want you to drive the expansion of the team and lead our engineering department from the front. 

You will be responsible for continuous improvements to our core infrastructure, drive innovation, form long term objectives, implement new standards and produce new procedures for the department. Uptime will be your focus. Communicate excellently to other team members your vision for improvements to achieve this.

What skills/education do I need?

We’re not hung up on education - if you have studied a relevant engineering discipline, then that's great!

  • Linux - Red Hat-based / Debian based Distros
  • MariaDB
  • High Availability concepts - Load balancers, failover, consistency. 
  • Virtualisation - KVM.
  • Bash / PHP/ Python / Ruby scripting
  • Kamailio
  • OpenSIPS
  • FreeSWITCH
  • Git workflow
  • Love RESTful APIS
  • Comfortable with JSON
  • Know BGP/ OSPF / ISIS
  • Saltstack
  • Know your way around NoSQL DBs like CouchDB
  • Monitoring systems like Zabbix / Icinga / Nagios

Additional capabilities

  • Analytical thinking
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Organisation skills
  • REST API Experience
  • GIT
  • Linux - CENTOS / Debian

These are somethings that would help you be a good fit for IP Telecom.

  • You need to love to solve complex problems
  • You have worked in a similar role for at least three years 
  • You are able to use your initiative to solve problems, you exhaust all possibilities when trying to solve a problem - we don’t micromanage our engineering team.
  • You want to work in a team
  • You are constantly looking at new technologies, and you do side projects all the time to try out new tech.
  • You think distributed systems are amazing and have worked on them before.

Why would I want to work at IP Telecom?

  • We truly value our team members and listen to them and encourage them to contribute to the company. 
  • We’re growing fast - it’s exciting - the technologies we use are at the cutting edge of the telecoms market.
  • We encourage a good work-life balance.
  • We are committed to paying good salaries.
  • Possibility of remote work
  • Brilliant opportunity to develop your career in a fast-growing and dynamic engineering team.

Please apply to noc_hr@iptelecom.ie with a CV and cover letter.

Want to join the IP Telecom team but don't see the position you are looking for?