4 Struggles of Business Phone Systems (and How to Solve them with VoIP)

Voip Telephone systems | Irish VoIP Service Providers | VoIP for Busines
06/09/2018 By Nathan Overlock

Phone systems that let you answer calls and switch them between different individuals on multiple lines were a revolution in business calling… 20 years ago. Now that businesses are growing rapidly, the market is expanding, and customers expect better and better service, your classic PBX phone system just isn’t good enough anymore.

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Why should my business switch to VoIP?

VoIP hosted PBX | VoIP Service Providers | VoIP for Busines | business communications
24/10/2017 By IPTelecom-Team

A brief introduction to VOIP, what it is and why you should use it.

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The Benefits of using VoIP for Business

VoIP for Busines | Irish VoIP Providers | hosted PBX | voip providers | business voip providers
12/05/2017 By Gary

As a VoIP for Business Provider, IP Telecom are fully committed to providing our customers with first class call quality to all destinations, competitive pricing, excellence in technical consultancy and project management throughout the configuration and implementation phases and most importantly to provide the best levels of customer support.

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Deploying VOIP for Business

Deploying VoIP | Switching to VoIP | business telephony | Business Telecoms | VoIP for Busines | VoIP for Business Ireland
07/09/2016 By Brian

When are you going to make the switch for your business telecom solution in deploying VoIP?

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Business VoIP

business voip | VoIP for Busines | Irish VoIP Providers | hosted PBX
07/09/2016 By Brian

5 Must Have Features of Business VoIP You Can Expect When Switching To A VoIP Provider

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Hosted VoIP Phone Systems

business voip | hosted voip phone systems | Business Telecoms | VoIP for Busines | irish telecoms
07/09/2016 By Brian

Hosted VoIP Phone Systems – 7 Advantages of Using VoIP

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