Introducing IPT for Microsoft Teams

When your phone system integrates with your online collaboration tools – that’s something special. Introducing IPT for Teams.
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5 reasons why your business needs IP Telecom's Microsoft Teams integration

Making use of technology, the right way, to adapt to transformational changes in the modern business environment has never been more critical.
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Coping with COVID19: Preparing for remote working and offsite working

As the fallout from the spread of the coronavirus continues to impact businesses throughout the world, domestic businesses in Ireland were shaken up this week as large multinational headquartered in...
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Remote working diary: A unique experience in a Dublin City Centre hotel

Powered by IPT for Teams and my sense of adventure, I decided to take my creative talents to a Dublin city centre hotel. I needed a change in environment to rejuvenate my creative juices.
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Be prepared! How VoIP based phone systems can help you cope in a crisis

From natural disasters to hacking and denial of service there’s a lot of issues that can impact a business. Your phone calls shouldn’t be a casualty, once you have a plan in place.
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