Despite another year of restrictions, all of us at IP Telecom would like to thank our customers, and partners, for their support in 2021. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and continued success in 2022.

We ensure that our support team is available for any requests and to resolve any service-related issues over the festive period.

Whilst there are some industry-wide restrictions on certain services such as number porting to be aware of, our Christmas schedule for most regular services are below:

Thursday  23rd December - office hours as normal

Friday 24th  - on-call support only

Saturday 25th - Sunday 26th - office shut, no on-call service

Monday 27th - Tuesday 28th - on-call support only

Wednesday 29th - Friday 31st December - office hours as normal

Saturday 1st - Monday 3rd January  - on-call support only

Tuesday 4th January - office hours as normal


Don't forget that we have created a Knowledge Base for all your troubleshooting issues, and portal management FAQ's. Click the button below to access (Username and Password required):

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